Sunday, October 12, 2008

Been awhile, sorry life had got in the way

Hey everyone, I am sorry I have been absent for so long but life seemed to have taken things over for awhile. I recently found my sisters who i lost contact with in 1994 and they found me via myspace and I have been reconnecting with them. I will be back with reviews soon though. I just saw Mother of Tears and Wicked Lake, so i will have those reviews up soon. Again sorry for the delay.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Inside or the Mother of All C-Sections.

This is a film most die hard horror fans have been waiting for. I saw this film last Sunday and I still cannot get some of the images out of my head. This review will be spoiler heavy so if you haven't seen it yet and don't want it spoiled look elsewhere. This had some of the most disturbing images I have seen since High tension, and I never thought anything would top that film, there is great gore shots. One of the best head shots I have seen since Fulci's the Beyond. There is more blood in this film than anything I have seen in awhile. And it has to have the darkest and bleakest ending I have seen in a long while.
The basic plot consists of a pregnant woman Sarah played by Allyson Paradis who was in a horrible car crash 4 months previously and her husband was killed but her and her unborn baby survived intact. It is now the evening before she is to go into the hospital for her delivery and it is Christmas eve. Here evening is rather uneventful until a stranger comes to her door played by Beatrice Dalle and at first she just acts like someone who needs assistance for a vehicle breakdown but then Sara wont let her in and lets her know that she knows all about her and smashes her fist into the glass cracking it. Sarah freaks out and calls the cops but they don't find anything and let her know that she probably ran off but they will send units around occasionally to make sure she is okay. She then goes to sleep after they leave and that is when Dalle breaks in and stands over her sleeping, pressing a knife to her stomach and slashing her face. Sarah beats her off her and then runs and hides in the bathroom and locks the door. As it progresses you find out that Dalle wants to cut out her baby and take it for herself. Soon after Sarah;s boss drops by and Dalle pretends to be her mom until her actual mom shows up and says who the hell are you and runs up to check on Sara and Sarah stabs her in the neck with a knitting needle thinking its dalle. She hits the cartoid artery and as she falls down a long stream of blood gushes out, while this happens Dalle stabs the man several times beginning with a groin stab and then right thorough a pillow into his face. Then the cops show up and the body count rises even higher. It finally climaxes into a fight in the kitchen that deals with a self inflected tracheotomy and flammable cooking spray. Then after she confronts Dalle, someone else shows up and Dalle end up saving Sarah and then Sarah goes into labor. What follows next is a very dirty c-section, followed by one of the darkest endings ever.
This film was intense as hell, the writers and directors once they start they never let up and it is a shame that they are no longer attached to the hell raiser remake, as I would have loved to see what they would have done to breathe fresh life into that series. Dalle is really charismatic as the psycho who wants Sarah's baby and you actually feel for her. The problem with Sarah she wasn't very sympathetic so you never felt much empathy towards her. But other than that this was an excellent film and one of the best horror films i have seen in years.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

P2 or never trust creepy security guards

P2 is the latest in survival horror I have recently seen, and I have to say I was blown away by this film. It was tense and scary. With lots of suspense and some great gore effects and some cringe inducing scenes of pain. This was the first film for director Franck Khalfoun, who co wrote the film Alexandre Aja of Haute Tension and the Hills have Eyes remake, and Aja has hit another one out of the park. This film is mainly a 2 character piece ably performed by Rachel Nichols and Wes Bentley. The basic plot consists of one Angela Bridges a lawyer who is working late on Christmas eve at her office and as she leaves sh has some problems that basically lead to her confrontation with a creepy security guard Thomas, who is obsessed with her and will kill anyone who gets in the way of showing his adoration for her. What follows next is a suspenseful game of cat and mouse, There were some really great touches in this film, I am a huge Elvis fan so i was thrilled when Bentley was lipsynching to Blue Christmas, and Nichols really transforms the character in the film. She starts as a lawyer who seems to be really weak willed, but she finds an inner strength through the journey of her character and it is surprising how brutal she does get. The only other performance I really noticed was a small supporting role by Joe Morton, one of my favorite character actors, he gives you a glimpse of the frailty of Angela;s character, which makes you feel all the more for her durng her travails in the film. I cannot recommend this film enough, this is one of the best survival horror films I have seen in awhile, definitely rent this if you get the chance. 5/5

Monday, April 14, 2008

Day of the Dead (2008)

Recently i got this from netflix, as I had to rent is, as it is a zombie film and I must see every zombie film. I was dreading watching this as I have a great love for Romero's 1985 gore classic after the original Dawn it is my favorite zombie film, but this film only takes the name and a few of the characters names from the original Day and nothing else, it is more like a play off 28 days Later than a true zombie film. The plot basically consist of the army cordoning off a small town as a major flu epidemic has broken out and the head of the army is played by Ving Rhames who plays captain Rhodes but he is nothing like Joe Pilato's Rhodes in the original, no yelling or scenery chewing to be found here. the lead is Mena Suvari as Sarah Bowman a army official underneath Rhodes who is from the town they are sealing off. She goes to her house with a private Bud Crain played by stark sands and when she gets to her house she finds her brother making out with a girl from her past. She goes to see her mom upstairs who is really sick and takes her to the hospital. They find it overrun by sick people and not long after that you see that some virus is destroying these peoples brains and turns them into fast and wall crawling zombies and the look like frank from Hellraiser after their transformations. The pace for the film is fast and frenetic, it is also very quick cut edited so it moves forward like a freight train. The gore is good and all the actors are good, with the exception of Nick Cannon as Salazar is really fucking annoying, he is like a poor mans Chris Tucker and I cannot stand him. All that aside this was a fun film with some tight direction by Steve Miner a genre fave of mine(Friday the 13 2 and 3, house and h2o). Definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a good little diversion. 3/5

Friday, April 4, 2008

It's Mistifying!!!

I had been meaning to post my thoughts on The Mist for a few days now, but I kept having things get in the way. But without further ado, let me talk about the Mist. This film was Frank Darabont's 3 time adapting a King work to the big screen, his previous works were The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile. Those were both great adaptations, but they were both dramas, and this was Darabont's first full fledged horror adaptation of a King work, and boy did he hit a home run with this one. Darabont doesn't wast anytime in setting up the story. We open with our lead, David Drayton, played by Thomas Jane, Painting, as he is a movie poster artist when the storm starts rolling in. Drayton and his wife and son go into the basement until the storm passes, and in the morning they survey the damage and He sees a Mist rolling over the lake. After that, Drayton along with his son and their neighbor, who he has had some disagreements with, head into town to pick up some supplies, so they head to the local grocery store in their town. Everything is fine until A man comes running in screaming and says "close the doors, there's something in the mist." And just like that the story revvs off and never lets up until the heartwrenching ending.
I won't go anymore into the films plot because I don't want to spoil any ones enjoyment of this fine monster yarn. Lets first talk about the acting, Thomas Jane was phenomenal, to me he just gets better in each film I see him do. Andre Braugher as the asshole neighbor of his was great too, but the award for best in this film goes to Marcia Gay Harden as Mrs. Carmody, the overzealous religious fanatic, you really get to hate her. The supporting cast was great as well, Jeffrey Demunn who's been in a lot of King work, was great as was Toby Jones as Ollie Weeks, the gunwielding Bag boy. I thought the creature effects were great too, a phenomenal use of CGI, and they really scared the shit out of you especially the spiders. The tension in the film was really revved up and made the film move at a brisk pace.
Now what can I say about the ending without giving it away. The ending is a real gut punch, but any other kind of ending would have cheapened the whole story that was presented. Sometimes you don't get the happily ever after ending, and it fits the story perfectly. I think that the people who don't like the ending, just don't understand that sometimes stories cannot be wrapped up in a neat little package.
One final side note, If anybody plans on getting the film on dvd, I highly recommend the 2 disc set with the Black and white version, this plays even better than the color version, as it heightens the tension and makes the film feel like an atomic age era monster flick.
The Mist is by far the best adaptation of a King story since Pet Sematary, and any fans of great horror flicks should definitely seek the film out.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

"Cuts" liek a knife

I have been reading Laymon for a long time, ever since 992, when I was in college and I was at my local used bookstore and found a copy of The Cellar. I grabbed it up and read it that night, and man was it brutal. The book had everything, vivid characters, great violence and gore, and lots of sex. I was hooked after that and by now I have read around 15 of Laymon's books, anytime Leisure releases a Laymon book I grab it up. A few nights ago I finished Cuts, their latest release of Laymon's catalogue, and it was another great read from him. It was a tight read, unlike some of the latest ones I have read like Savage and the Midnight Tour. I would say this was better than the Midnight Tour but not as good as Savage. I will talk a little about it, but I will try to avoid spoilers, so here it goes. The story involves a young man, Albert Prince, who likes to cut up women and then fuck them. So, of course he is the bad guy, and he really is a vehement character. There are several main characters, there is Janet, a teacher who just found out she was pregnant and found her boyfriend wants an abortion but she doesn't so she leaves him and moves in with her friend Meg. Then there is Ian, an aspiring writer and a school teacher as well, hes a young man, who finds himself in the middle of a lot of the plot. Next is Lester, A husband of another teacher, who is in a loveless marriage and is trying to find a way to be happy again. These really are the 3 main characters, there are other characters that are involved but you never really see their viewpoint, they are mainly there to propel the story forward. Albert kills his first vitims and then goes on a cross country trip killing more along the way until he runs headlong into the main characters, and how the situation revolved has the usual Laymon flair. That isn't the end of the story there is an epilogue at the end, that really seals the deal fort this story. This was another home run by Laymon and I look forward to his next shocker.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sundown is coming and other dvd news

I am not too big on posting news, but I just discovered that some of my favorite horror flicks are hitting dvd. The one that whets my appetite the most is Sundown:The Vampire In Retreat. This is a fun little Horror comedy about vampires which stars Bruce Campbell, David Carradine, Maxwell Caufield, M. Emmet Walsh and Deborah Foreman. It's directed by Anthony Hickox(Waxwork, Warlock the Armageddon) Any film that has Campbell as Van Helsing is ok in my book. Lionsgate is releasing it in time for Halloween in October, there are no specs yet but I hope it has a commentary by Hickox at least. In other cool dvd news , I just discovered that Legend films has licensed a bunch of horror classics to finally be released some will hit their website in April, then they will be available at retail outlets in June and July. The Titles include Phase IV, Student Bodies, The Sender, Jekyll and Hyde Together Again, The Skull, The Man Who Could Cheat Death, The Deadly Bees, ZPG, and The Possession of Joel Delaney. You can check these out at and It looks as if I'll be adding quite a few films to my already exploding collection.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fuck you Critics or Doomsday blew my balls off!

I am hear to tell everybody not to listen to the pansy ass pretentious, highbrow film critics that they can blow it out their ass, because they just can't have fun at the movies anymore. Lets just look at a few excerpts from some of these so called critics.
Entertainment Weekly Gregory Kirschling -
Marshall cribs whole sections from other movies (Aliens and The Road Warrior, most blatantly) so baldly that you have to wonder how he'd like it if someone ripped off "The Descent" this egregiously. And let's have one more just for effect. Roger Moore from the Orlando Sentinel.And imagine the first serious competition to the Deutsche dummkopf Uwe Boll as "worst director" working today, thanks to this mad and maddening mash-up genre picture. Now this is just wrong to tyr to compare Marshall with the shitfest that is Uwe Boll's Ouevre. I am biased though cause I have a history of volleying emails to Mr. Moore after he anally raped The Devil's Rejects and Haute Tension, 2 of my recent favorite Horror films. This man just doesn't enjoy horror films and I wonder why he even reviews them since he rarely enjoys them
These and other film critics just don't understand these and other genre films. These are films you are supposed to have fun with, your not supposed to look at these films like it's Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal. These are films that you are supposed to come out of and say "hell yeah, that movie blew my fucking balls off." Not, "Ehh, the camerawork was too frenetic and the story was highly improbable." That just pisses me off, but enough ranting for now lets talk about a hell of a kickass movie "Doomsday"
The basic plot for this film Scotland has been sealed off with a huge wall and automated guns after a virus called the Reaper virus came loos and decimated the country. We flash forward 30 years later and it looks as if the virus is making a comeback and this time it's hitting England. The Government enlists a soldier, Sinclair played laconically by the yummy Rhona Mitra, to go beyond the wall and find a doctor who was working on a cure played by malcolm mcdowell, to see if he has a cure since they have satellite photos of people being alive after 30 years of isolation. She leads a special forces unit that goers back into Scotland, and everything is fine until mohawk cannibal punks show up and the fun begins. I could go on but I want people to see the film and not listen to my play by play. Let's just say, this is Neil Marshall's)Dog Soldiers and he Descent) homage to The Road Warrior, Escape From New York and 2019:the Fall of New York. It has a great black humor edge to it. Like the scene where the head cannibal Sol, comes onstage and they play a Fine Young Cannibals song, that was hilarious. The film is bloody as hell and once the action starts it keeps going at a frenetic pace til the end of the film. I have to say the ending has to be one of my favorite endings for any film ever.
The acting was great with Mitra, Mcdowell,bob Hoskins, Sean Pertwee and Alexander Siddig turning in fine performances. The editing was phenomenal too, and this films car chases blew Death Proof away. This is quite different from Marshall's other films. They were small claustrophobic horror films where Doomsday is a balls to the walls scifi action film from beginning to end.
I cannot recommend this film enough, if you are a genre fan, you really need to seek out Doomsday and immerse yourself in this world of guns, explosions and cannibals.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Welcome to all readers

Welcome to my little corner of blogger land. I am a fanatic for all things horror related so this blog will mainly be my avenue for that I have alot of free time right now, so I should be posting fairly regularly. Ill be talking about films I love, new films i have seen and assorted horror news that pique my interest and throw out to you guys. As far as what my attitude toward life is I am a sarcastic cynical bastard. So I hope my opinion doesnt offend those with weak constitutions(but to be honest I don't give a flying fuck, but that's just me).
As far as what I dig, John Carpenter is my all time favorite director, even his bad films I believe are better than some peoples best movies. I am a big We Craven fan too, modern Craven not so much(Cursed I am talking to you). ALso, I love and I mean bordering on obsessive Lucio Fulci. The Beyond is my third favorite horror film of all time.. As I go on posting, I'll let you know some of my other favorites.
I am also a big reader, and what a surprise mostly horror. My favorite writers are stephen King, Richard Laymon, Jakc Ketchum, Bentley Little, Brian Keene, Edward Lee, David J Schow, Nancy Collins, John Skipp and Craig Spector and Bryan Smith. These writers just pull me in and get me every time. As I read new books I'll give you guys what I think of them.
I hope i can inform some people on some good horror stuff, and if you dont like snide sarcastic bastards you should probably stay away from. So, until then watch some fucking Horror films!!