Sunday, March 30, 2008

"Cuts" liek a knife

I have been reading Laymon for a long time, ever since 992, when I was in college and I was at my local used bookstore and found a copy of The Cellar. I grabbed it up and read it that night, and man was it brutal. The book had everything, vivid characters, great violence and gore, and lots of sex. I was hooked after that and by now I have read around 15 of Laymon's books, anytime Leisure releases a Laymon book I grab it up. A few nights ago I finished Cuts, their latest release of Laymon's catalogue, and it was another great read from him. It was a tight read, unlike some of the latest ones I have read like Savage and the Midnight Tour. I would say this was better than the Midnight Tour but not as good as Savage. I will talk a little about it, but I will try to avoid spoilers, so here it goes. The story involves a young man, Albert Prince, who likes to cut up women and then fuck them. So, of course he is the bad guy, and he really is a vehement character. There are several main characters, there is Janet, a teacher who just found out she was pregnant and found her boyfriend wants an abortion but she doesn't so she leaves him and moves in with her friend Meg. Then there is Ian, an aspiring writer and a school teacher as well, hes a young man, who finds himself in the middle of a lot of the plot. Next is Lester, A husband of another teacher, who is in a loveless marriage and is trying to find a way to be happy again. These really are the 3 main characters, there are other characters that are involved but you never really see their viewpoint, they are mainly there to propel the story forward. Albert kills his first vitims and then goes on a cross country trip killing more along the way until he runs headlong into the main characters, and how the situation revolved has the usual Laymon flair. That isn't the end of the story there is an epilogue at the end, that really seals the deal fort this story. This was another home run by Laymon and I look forward to his next shocker.

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