Saturday, March 22, 2008

Welcome to all readers

Welcome to my little corner of blogger land. I am a fanatic for all things horror related so this blog will mainly be my avenue for that I have alot of free time right now, so I should be posting fairly regularly. Ill be talking about films I love, new films i have seen and assorted horror news that pique my interest and throw out to you guys. As far as what my attitude toward life is I am a sarcastic cynical bastard. So I hope my opinion doesnt offend those with weak constitutions(but to be honest I don't give a flying fuck, but that's just me).
As far as what I dig, John Carpenter is my all time favorite director, even his bad films I believe are better than some peoples best movies. I am a big We Craven fan too, modern Craven not so much(Cursed I am talking to you). ALso, I love and I mean bordering on obsessive Lucio Fulci. The Beyond is my third favorite horror film of all time.. As I go on posting, I'll let you know some of my other favorites.
I am also a big reader, and what a surprise mostly horror. My favorite writers are stephen King, Richard Laymon, Jakc Ketchum, Bentley Little, Brian Keene, Edward Lee, David J Schow, Nancy Collins, John Skipp and Craig Spector and Bryan Smith. These writers just pull me in and get me every time. As I read new books I'll give you guys what I think of them.
I hope i can inform some people on some good horror stuff, and if you dont like snide sarcastic bastards you should probably stay away from. So, until then watch some fucking Horror films!!

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