Monday, April 14, 2008

Day of the Dead (2008)

Recently i got this from netflix, as I had to rent is, as it is a zombie film and I must see every zombie film. I was dreading watching this as I have a great love for Romero's 1985 gore classic after the original Dawn it is my favorite zombie film, but this film only takes the name and a few of the characters names from the original Day and nothing else, it is more like a play off 28 days Later than a true zombie film. The plot basically consist of the army cordoning off a small town as a major flu epidemic has broken out and the head of the army is played by Ving Rhames who plays captain Rhodes but he is nothing like Joe Pilato's Rhodes in the original, no yelling or scenery chewing to be found here. the lead is Mena Suvari as Sarah Bowman a army official underneath Rhodes who is from the town they are sealing off. She goes to her house with a private Bud Crain played by stark sands and when she gets to her house she finds her brother making out with a girl from her past. She goes to see her mom upstairs who is really sick and takes her to the hospital. They find it overrun by sick people and not long after that you see that some virus is destroying these peoples brains and turns them into fast and wall crawling zombies and the look like frank from Hellraiser after their transformations. The pace for the film is fast and frenetic, it is also very quick cut edited so it moves forward like a freight train. The gore is good and all the actors are good, with the exception of Nick Cannon as Salazar is really fucking annoying, he is like a poor mans Chris Tucker and I cannot stand him. All that aside this was a fun film with some tight direction by Steve Miner a genre fave of mine(Friday the 13 2 and 3, house and h2o). Definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a good little diversion. 3/5

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