Friday, April 25, 2008

Inside or the Mother of All C-Sections.

This is a film most die hard horror fans have been waiting for. I saw this film last Sunday and I still cannot get some of the images out of my head. This review will be spoiler heavy so if you haven't seen it yet and don't want it spoiled look elsewhere. This had some of the most disturbing images I have seen since High tension, and I never thought anything would top that film, there is great gore shots. One of the best head shots I have seen since Fulci's the Beyond. There is more blood in this film than anything I have seen in awhile. And it has to have the darkest and bleakest ending I have seen in a long while.
The basic plot consists of a pregnant woman Sarah played by Allyson Paradis who was in a horrible car crash 4 months previously and her husband was killed but her and her unborn baby survived intact. It is now the evening before she is to go into the hospital for her delivery and it is Christmas eve. Here evening is rather uneventful until a stranger comes to her door played by Beatrice Dalle and at first she just acts like someone who needs assistance for a vehicle breakdown but then Sara wont let her in and lets her know that she knows all about her and smashes her fist into the glass cracking it. Sarah freaks out and calls the cops but they don't find anything and let her know that she probably ran off but they will send units around occasionally to make sure she is okay. She then goes to sleep after they leave and that is when Dalle breaks in and stands over her sleeping, pressing a knife to her stomach and slashing her face. Sarah beats her off her and then runs and hides in the bathroom and locks the door. As it progresses you find out that Dalle wants to cut out her baby and take it for herself. Soon after Sarah;s boss drops by and Dalle pretends to be her mom until her actual mom shows up and says who the hell are you and runs up to check on Sara and Sarah stabs her in the neck with a knitting needle thinking its dalle. She hits the cartoid artery and as she falls down a long stream of blood gushes out, while this happens Dalle stabs the man several times beginning with a groin stab and then right thorough a pillow into his face. Then the cops show up and the body count rises even higher. It finally climaxes into a fight in the kitchen that deals with a self inflected tracheotomy and flammable cooking spray. Then after she confronts Dalle, someone else shows up and Dalle end up saving Sarah and then Sarah goes into labor. What follows next is a very dirty c-section, followed by one of the darkest endings ever.
This film was intense as hell, the writers and directors once they start they never let up and it is a shame that they are no longer attached to the hell raiser remake, as I would have loved to see what they would have done to breathe fresh life into that series. Dalle is really charismatic as the psycho who wants Sarah's baby and you actually feel for her. The problem with Sarah she wasn't very sympathetic so you never felt much empathy towards her. But other than that this was an excellent film and one of the best horror films i have seen in years.

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