Friday, April 4, 2008

It's Mistifying!!!

I had been meaning to post my thoughts on The Mist for a few days now, but I kept having things get in the way. But without further ado, let me talk about the Mist. This film was Frank Darabont's 3 time adapting a King work to the big screen, his previous works were The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile. Those were both great adaptations, but they were both dramas, and this was Darabont's first full fledged horror adaptation of a King work, and boy did he hit a home run with this one. Darabont doesn't wast anytime in setting up the story. We open with our lead, David Drayton, played by Thomas Jane, Painting, as he is a movie poster artist when the storm starts rolling in. Drayton and his wife and son go into the basement until the storm passes, and in the morning they survey the damage and He sees a Mist rolling over the lake. After that, Drayton along with his son and their neighbor, who he has had some disagreements with, head into town to pick up some supplies, so they head to the local grocery store in their town. Everything is fine until A man comes running in screaming and says "close the doors, there's something in the mist." And just like that the story revvs off and never lets up until the heartwrenching ending.
I won't go anymore into the films plot because I don't want to spoil any ones enjoyment of this fine monster yarn. Lets first talk about the acting, Thomas Jane was phenomenal, to me he just gets better in each film I see him do. Andre Braugher as the asshole neighbor of his was great too, but the award for best in this film goes to Marcia Gay Harden as Mrs. Carmody, the overzealous religious fanatic, you really get to hate her. The supporting cast was great as well, Jeffrey Demunn who's been in a lot of King work, was great as was Toby Jones as Ollie Weeks, the gunwielding Bag boy. I thought the creature effects were great too, a phenomenal use of CGI, and they really scared the shit out of you especially the spiders. The tension in the film was really revved up and made the film move at a brisk pace.
Now what can I say about the ending without giving it away. The ending is a real gut punch, but any other kind of ending would have cheapened the whole story that was presented. Sometimes you don't get the happily ever after ending, and it fits the story perfectly. I think that the people who don't like the ending, just don't understand that sometimes stories cannot be wrapped up in a neat little package.
One final side note, If anybody plans on getting the film on dvd, I highly recommend the 2 disc set with the Black and white version, this plays even better than the color version, as it heightens the tension and makes the film feel like an atomic age era monster flick.
The Mist is by far the best adaptation of a King story since Pet Sematary, and any fans of great horror flicks should definitely seek the film out.

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