Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another crappy Argentoesque flick

Cemetery Man 1994
Director: Michelle Soavi
Writer: Gianni Romoli
Starring Rupert Everett, Anna Falchi, Francois Hadji-Lazaro and Mickey Knox

The Italian Horror film has always been a favorite of mine particularly the films of Lucio Fulci. I also enjoy some of Argento's but not all of it, it's always been a bone of contention with some people that I don't adore Suspiria as some people do and I think Cemetery Man, falls into that category as well. It is rather surreal and at points confusing, though it does have some good elements to it, though these do not equal to a good horror film by my estimation.
The plot basics are this, Francesco (Everett) is the caretaker of a cemetery with his assistant Gnaghi (Lazaro). This cemetery has a interesting problem, the dead keep coming back to life, so Francesco has to put them back in the ground with his revolver. His assistant helps him by burying them back into their graves. It seems everything is going well till he meets a widow he falls for (Falchi) and he has a tryst with her over her husbands grave and her husband rises and bites her and she ends up dying. This seems to drive him a little mad and he starts killing more zombies, till he actually starts killing the living, which leads to a bizarre and surreal ending.
This film was just bizarre and surreal. It starts off well enough but quickly goes bizarre when the grim reaper shows up and continues to spiral out of control leading to its wtf ending. Soavi directs the film with the style over substance touch of Argento, which may work for some but not for me. The story really needed to be more linear and less art film style, was almost like watching a Fellini film, that is if he had done horror. The acting was good, I enjoyed Everett but the real enjoyment I got out of this film was Lazaro as Gnaghi the man child servant. He was funny and delightful to watch. This does not save the film for me though, the sum of its parts just do not equal a good genre film. I probably won't get much love for my judgement of this films and Argento in general.
This one gets a dismal 2 out of 5

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