Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bad Biology or mutated penises need love too

Bad Biology 2008
Director: Frank Henenlotter
Writers: Frank Henenlotter and R. A. Thorburn
Starring Charlee Danielson, Anthony Sneed and Tina Krause

Twisted love stories are always a tough thing to pull off, you don't want it to be too dark or too sappy and that is a hard line to walk upon. This film reminds me a lot of films like Harold and Maude and Lunatics: A love story. This film goes way over the edge but its an edge that I happily loved visiting it. It is also the return of classic cult director Frank Henenlotter who made some of the classic films of the 80's like Basket Case and Frankenhooker in the 90's. It is a film that is very up front about its rampant sexuality and you will either get into it or you won't.
The plot setup is this, Jennifer (Danielson) is a photographer who admits that she is built differently. She says she was born with 7 clits and is a nymphomaniac. She has been having orgasms since she was 8 years old and when she does have sex she has a accelerated reproductive system and brings a baby to birth within 2 hours. She has sex with men and usually kills them and just discard the babies when they are born. Next we meet Batz (Sneed) who has a problem with his penis it has a mind of its own and he has to keep pumping it with steroids and male enhancers to keep it happy. Then the story begins as these two characters interact and slowly build to a insane climax that has to be seen to be believed.
This film was insane but in a good way. I am a fan of films that cross the line and stay way over it. This film does that in the beginning and stays far over the line all the way through the ending. The plot is insane but done with a nice deft touch of dark black humor. The leads are great especially Danielson. I especially have to give a shout out to Tina Krause as a model who messes with Batz, she was one of my favorite bits in the film. The direction was great, the film had a real sleazy feel, reminded me of Less than Zero but with mutant vaginas and penises. The effects are great too especially loved the mutant penis, classic shit. I fucking loved this film and think if anyone loves the sleazy underground shit like I do should check it out. Though it is not available on dvd yet, I had to see it online, but it was worth it.

This one gets 5 out of 5 mutated penises

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