Monday, April 20, 2009

Brown Cow, Brown Chicken

Butterfly Effect 3: Revelation 2009
Director: Seth Grossman
Writer: Holly Brix
Starring Chris Carmack, Rachel Miner, Melissa Jones and Kevin Yon

Afterdark Horrorfest is a Horror film series that for 3 years now has been putting 8 independent horror films together under one umbrella for the last 3 years. Every year they have some winners, some ones that are decent and some that are just plain bad. Starting with this one I will be reviewing all the ones form year three. This one made for a good start, I really enjoyed the first Butterfly Effect, But I had never gotten around to seeing part 2. I am glad I saw this one as it had a lot of elements that came together and made this a gripping film to watch.
The basic plot follows Sam (Carmack) who jumps back in time to help the police solve cases they just cant get a grip on. His sister Jenna (Miner) helps him with his jumps. Soon, a girl shows up at his doorstep who is the sister of his murdered girlfriend and she found her diary and doesn't believe the man who is awaiting the death sentence after being convicted of the brutal slaying is guilty. First Sam balks at doing this, because you should never jump back to anything you have a personal stake in and he seeks advice from another time traveler (Yon) but he ignores his advice and goes back and things just get worse. As the story progresses he keeps jumping back trying to find the killer, and as he does the body count gets higher and he discovers he has helped make a serial killer. Things get more dangerous until he finds the killer and has to decide if he has the strength to do the unthinkable.
This was a tense film and it really grabs you from the opening shot till the final jarring scene. The direction is solid and tight. The writing is tight as well and there are several twists and turns, though when you get closer to the climax all the pieces come together and it is easy to piece together who the killer is, but that did not hamper my enjoyment of the film in the slightest. The acting was good as wee;. Carmack was great as the hero who for every step forward he makes he takes 2 back. Miner as his sister was great as well. You also got some great eye candy with the very sexy Jones, who has a rather over the top and gratuitous nude scene. The gore in the film was very well done too, much better than I thought it would be. This was a good film and a great start for this batch of films. Not on the level of the original Butterfly Effect, but a well done and entertaining genre film.
This one gets 3 out of 5

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