Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Flashbacks: The Crow

The Crow 1994
Director: Alex Proyas
Writers: David J Schow and John Shirley
Starring Brandon Lee, Ernie Hudson, Michael Wincott, Tony Todd, Rochelle Davis, Bai Ling and David Patrick Kelly

I am going to be starting a regular Friday feature over here now. I am going to revisit some of the classic horror films of the past that I enjoy and give a bit of an indepth analysis on it in only the way that I can. I hope all my readers out ther will enjoy it and so I am going to start off with one of my fave horror revenge films, The Crow.Revenge and Horror is something that mixes together well. Films like The Abominable Dr Phibes and Deadly Friend are just 2 of the classic films that have used it as a springboard for their story. The Crow is a classic of the modern horror genre and hard to believe it is 15 years old now. It really brought the Goth look into the forefront of modern consciousness now too. The sequels are really hit and miss but this film with the tight direction by Proyas, the great pulpy writing by Schow and the magnetic lead performance by Lee all elevate this film into the modern classic category.
The plot setup is this Eric Draven (Lee) and his fiancee Shelly are brutally murdered by a gang that wants them out of their dilapidated apartment. Now a year later, Draven rises from the dead to enact his revenge on the scum who took his love away and it won't be pretty. Along the way to his revenge he meets up with a beat cop (Hudson) and Sarah (Davis) the little girl who was friends with him and Shelly and they help him along the way and help him to remember his humanity as well. The gang is led by the vicious and maniacal Top Dollar (Wincott) and his sister (Ling) who he has an incestuous relationship with. Draven starts knocking off the gang leading him to Top Dollar and there is a brutal final showdown that leaves everyone either damaged or dead.
This is just an amazing film and I enjoy it more and more every time I see it. The direction by Proyas is amazing, it is like he filters Burton's Batman and somehow makes it even more bleaker. The writing by Schow and Shirley who were some of the creators of the Splatterpunk genre, do excellent work here being bloody and violent when its called for and being touching and sweet when that is needed. The soundtrack is great for the film as well, really brings forward the despair that is tinged throughout the film. What can I say about the acting, Lee is great and its a shame he couldn't do more after this. Also loved Hudson, Wincott and Todd they all left indelible marks in the roles they played. This is a great horror revenge film that all horror film fans should see, and do not be scared away cause it is based on a comic book. The film is an achievement onto itself.
This one gets 5 caws out of 5

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