Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Haunting in Connecticut or finally a good ghost movie

The Haunting in Connecticut
director:Peter Cornwell
Writers:Adam Simon and Tim Metcalfe
starring Virginia mad sen and Elias koteas

Haunting films are always a tricky business to pull off. If they aren't played out pitch perfect they can end up falling flat on their face, good examples of these are Jan de bont's remake of the haunting or the one from a few years ago with Donald Sutherland an American haunting. Thankfully this doesn't happen with the haunting in Connecticut this film is pulled off ably well and if you enjoy a good ghost story you will really enjoy this movie.
The basic setup is this, the year is 1987 and Sara Campbell((Virginia Mad sen) has a son Matt(Kyle gallner) who has cancer and is going through a test treatment to see if that helps but the hospital is very far away so she looks for a house to rent near the hospital in Connecticut. she finds one with a great price and rents it but strange things begin happening and matt keeps on seeing bizarre things. Matt meets another cancer patient who is a reverend, Reverend Popescu(Elias koteas) and he explains that since he is sick and close to death he can see things ordinary people cannot, and soon after this the attacks get worse and build to an explosive climax.
This was a very good film that does all the things a good haunting film should do, it is very moody and atmospheric with some great scares and a great mood enhancing score. It has a few gross out moments but doesn't go over the top with them and shows that a good horror film can still be made with a pg 13 rating. the film has shades of the amityville horror with the slow dissolution of the family and shades of the exorcist with reverend popescu who really reminds me of father merrin. Koreas and mad sen were great in their roles, Mad sen brought a real gravity to the sorrowful mother role and koteas was great as the wise older person who helps matt through the haunting. The direction was pulled off very well and this is a film I would watch again, which I cannot say for many other haunting films.

this one gets a 3 out of 5.

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