Saturday, April 25, 2009

Humans taste like Chicken

Dying Breed 2008
Director: Jody Dwyer
Writers: Jody Dwyer and Michael Boughen
Starring Leigh Whannell, Mirrah Foulkes, Nathan Phillips and Melanie Vallejo

Back to my thoughts on this years Afterdark Horrorfest films. This is the 4th one I have seen thus far and this is by far the best one. I was blown away by this one. I am always game for a cannibal film and this is one of the best cannibal films I have seen in a long time. Makes me forget that utterly terrible one from a few years ago Welcome to the Jungle. This film starts off brutally and then slows down for awhile but then picks up during the last 45 minutes and never lets go of your jugular till the brutal ending.
The plot basics are this, Nina (Foulkes) heads to Tasmania with her boy friend (Whannell) to search for the long thought extinct Tasmanian Tiger, a search her sister died looking for 8 years ago in a drowning accident. They meet up with her boyfriends friend Jack (Phillips) and his girlfriend Rebecca (Vallejo) who comes along for the ride. The trip seems to be going without any surprises till they go to a bar and Jack is a jerk to some of the locals and soon strange things begin happening, till Jack's girlfriend disappears and then they are on the hunt to find her and to stop the ones who seem to be hunting and following them.
This film was brutal and it really surprised me. The direction was great, with some beautiful cinematography. The mood that was created was oppressive and claustrophobic. The writing was excellent too, the characters were fully developed and you felt for most of them, except for Jack, he was just an asshole you couldn't wait to see get it. The effects were great too, I kept going holy shit as I was watching it. The ending to the film was brutal and bleak as hell too. The film was really a combination Deliverance and the Hills Have Eyes. If you dig Cannibal films, I highly recommend this one.
This one gets 5 chomps out of 5

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