Thursday, April 16, 2009

Killer Movie or reality shows are killer

Killer Movie 2008
Director: Jeff Fisher
Writer: Jeff Fisher
Starring Kaley Couco, Jason London, Paul Wesley and Cyia Batten

Slasher films are a huge part of the modern horror film and many of them are just recycled ideas with the same kills. But every once in awhile a fresh idea is brought in that breaths fresh life into the genre. This one while not the greatens film is done ably well and has some great kills and some sharp and witty writing that brings this above some of the more recent slasher films I have seen.
The plot basis is this Jake (Wesley) is a director of reality shows that has fallen on hard times and his agent offers him a deal to go to a town in Nebraska to film a High School Hockey team that is an underdog but is moving up and may win the state championship. He has to deal with a pampered starlet Blanka (Couco) as she is going to be his P. A. as a study for her next film role. He gets there and meets his bitch of a boss Lee (Batten) and she tells him a girl was died horribly and she would rather film that than the sports story. He starts filming and slowly his crew members keep disappearing and soon it is discovered some masked killer is picking them off and he goes on the hunt for the killer before everyone ends up dead.
This was a fun flick. The direction was solid and played out like a reality show which was quite refreshing. The director was a director for reality shows, so he brings that expertise to it. The writing is funny and witty, with some good suspense in the film as well. The acting was solid especially Couco and Batten. Couco played the pampered starlet with gusto and when it came time for her to be imperiled she pulled that off well too. Baten was great as well she really played a mega bitch and you really wanted her to die horribly. The effects were great too, had some creative kills which quite surprised me. This is probably one of the best slasher films I have seen since Hatchet, just not quite as excellent as that.

This one gets 3 decapitations out of 5

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