Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Never trust sexy girls you meet in bars

Slaughter 2009
Director: Stewart Hopewell
Writer: Stewart Hopewell
Starring Amy Shiels and Lucy Holt

This is the 3rd of this years batch of the Afterdark Horrorfest films I have seen, and so far they are batting 2 to 1, as this was yet another surprisingly good one. It had a flavor that was parts Texas Chainsaw Massacre and parts Single White Female. The story had a very slow burn ala Wolf Creek, but once the shit started hitting the fan, it didn't let up till the ending which was quite brutal. Some people will probably really hate this film but it kind of grew on me, and after thinking about it before letting my thoughts out, I have to say it is a quite memorable horror film.
The plot setup is as follows, Faith (Shiels) is trying to get away from a bad and abusive relationship so she goes to hide out at a secluded farm, where she meets Lola (Holt) a girl that just seems wanton and wild and loves to have fun. She sees Lola bringing back men to the farm which she has sex with and then by the morning they are gone. She also sees Lola's father who seems very odd and strange. It seems that Lola and Faith are becoming good friends and Faith offers her to leave with her, as Lola has a home relationship she doesn't care for. Things are looking up until Faith goes into the slaughterhouse that is on the farm, and discovers some strange and unsettling things and then the real fun begins, which leads to one of the most bleak endings I have seen since The Mist.
This film was a very slow burn as the first 50 minutes are all set up for the last 40. I was at first getting bored with it, never thinking anything scary was going to happen, but then boom they hit you with it. It was quite a surprise to me how much I enjoyed this film. Its always nice to be surprised like this. The direction in the movie is both creepy and friendly and sometimes you don't see where he is going until it is too late. The writing is good too, at first it starts out like an episode of Beverly Hills 90210, but quickly devolves into a grim horror story. The acting by the 2 leads Shiels and Holt were outstanding, you felt for Faith, and didn't see what was coming with Lola till it was too late. This had excellent pacing with the suspense and some really ugly violent moments too, involving piercings and teeth removal. This is a film that ends in a very dark place so if that isn't what you want to see in a horror film I would stay far away. But if you are like me and love to visit the dark recesses of human nature check it out.
This one gets 3 out of 5

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