Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Skull is the Thing

Laid To Rest 2009
Director: Robert Hall
Writer: Robert Hall
Starring Kevin Gage, Bobbi Sue Luther, Lena Headey, Sean Whaley and Richard Lynch

The slasher film is one of the major horror sub genres since the early 80's. You always see a lot of the same things and it is very hard to surprise or shock the jaded slasher fan, but Laid To Rest does this in spades and is one that I think many a slasher fan will be rewatching again and again. By far the best one I have seen since Hatchet, and a lot darker than that one. This is bloody as hell, with some extremely sick and twisted kills and great performances by Kevin Gage and Bobbi Sue Luther.
The plot setup is such, A girl wakes up in a coffin and freaks out and gets out, but she cannot remember who she is or why she is there. She discovers she is in a funeral home and escapes it after the undertaker opens the door, but not before he is brutally killed by someone wearing a chrome skull mask. She runs out to the highway and a driver (Gage) picks her up and takes her to his home with his girl (Headey) and soon the killer follows her there and kills his girl and then they are on the run while the killer is chasing them and the true game begins.
This movie just fucking rocked. The kills were amazing, I have to give props to the deaths of Headey and Jonathon Schaec, as they were brutal and gory as hell. The direction was tight in this film, as you never felt it slow down at all till the end credits rolled. The writing was good as well, the characters were well rounded, especially Tucker, he was by far my favorite character in the film. Though Luther as the girl was great as well, she has great acting chops as well is great to look at. The gore effects were amazing, and it looked to be all practical which is something I see less and less of nowadays, and I miss that. The killer was cool as well, he was imposing and scary as shit, and I loved how he used technology like GPS to track his prey. If you love the slasher film and want to see something new definitely check this one out.
This one gets 5 decapitations out of 5

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