Thursday, April 23, 2009

Those Slugs'll Kill You

The Burrowers 2008
Director: JT Petty
Writer: JT Petty
Starring Clancy Brown, William Mapother, Doug Hutchinson and Karl Geary

Horror and westerns are a genre that are not put together very well in the past, anyone remember Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter or Billy the Kid Vs Dracula? Not films that are ever going to be regarded as classics, by any standards. The Burrowers though melds both genres together in a way that anyone who tries to bring them together will follow it as a template. The 2 genres haven't worked so well together since 1987's Ghost Town.
The plot setup is this, the year is 1879 in the Dakota Territories and Coffey (Geary) is about to ask the girl he is courting, Maryanne to marry him and when he goes to her farm, he finds bloody carnage and her nowhere to be found. He automatically thinks that they were attacked by hostile Indians. He gets help form a rancher (Mapother) and they join up with a army calvary and begin the search for the Indians and his woman. Though it soon seems clear to him that they are hunting something that is far more sinister than warring Indians. As Coffey and his band continue to hunt the attackers, they seem to be dropping like fires which leads to a tense and bloody showdown, that doesn't end very well.
This was a taut horror thriller, that at first plays out like your typical western, but soon develops into a creepy monster flick. The direction is tight and you feel as if you are watching a classic western first and then jumps into a creepy creature film. The cinematography is amazing in this film. The locations are beautiful and dazzling to watch. The writing is good too, you get a feel for the characters, and there is the occasional touch of humor. The cast was great too, especially the great Clancy Brown as the tracker John Clay, he was magnetic when on screen and had the best line in the movie. Mapother as Parcher was good too, he was a gruff man who you didn't like but respected. The lead Geary, did a fine job too, as you felt his pain as he was looking for his girl. The creatures were very cool looking too, they sort of looked like slugs, and was quite gory during the munching parts. If you like horrors and westerns, you could do far worse than check this flick out.
This one gets 4 out of 5.

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