Friday, April 10, 2009

Tokyo gore Police or Watch Out For Shooting Penises

Tokyo Gore Police
Director:Yoshiro Nishimura
Writer:Kengo Kajj
Starring Ehii Shiina, Itsuji Itao and Yukiihide Benny

Out of all the types of Japanese horror films I have to say I enjoy their extreme gore films the best, films like Meatball Machine and Battle Royale spring to mind and always leave a smile on my face after I watch them. Tokyo Gore Police is another one of those gems. I had my doubts that this would top The Machine Girl but this movie by far exceeded my expectations.
The plot is this Riku is a police officer for the Tokyo Police Corporation this is a near future where the police have been privatized and are now run like a business. The main crime problems are criminals called "engineers" people who have had their bodies modified so when they are injured their wound becomes a devastating weapon. Riku is the top hunter of the "engineers" but as the story progresses she gets pulled into their world and transformed into one of them and then has to decide whether she will join them or exterminate them all.
WOW!! This movie was extreme and over the top in ways I have not seen in awhile. Probably the most over the top gore film I have seen since Street Trash. You really haven't lived til you have seen a mutated penis that shoots bullets or a pussy that turns into an alligator. And that's really just the tip of the Iceberg to this film. It also starts each scene with commercials not unlike Robocop or Starship Troopers. The direction was really good, very much like the cutting of a video game, which is what the film plays like. The director was a makeup effects person on Machine Girl so he really knew what to do with this kind of film. Shiina was great as Ruka and horror fans will remember her best as Asami in Miike's Audition. She is great here and makes you feel her pain and rage just by her facial expressions. The effects were phenomenal in the film as well, and there was very little cgi which I appreciated even more. The story is simple but it is done very tightly and suits the film well.
This was a great Japanese Gore film and well worth seeking out. This ranks up there with Machine Girl as one of the best Japanese horror films.

I give it 5 shooting penises out of 5

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