Monday, April 13, 2009

Tokyo Zombie or A Not So Happy Ending

Tokyo Zombie 2005
Director: Sakichi Sati
Writers: Yusaka Hanakuma and Sakichi Sati
Starring: Tadanobo Asano and Sho Aikawa

Zombie comedies seem to be becoming a burgeoning sub genre in horror films start with Shaun of the Dead and leading up to more recently Zombie Strippers. So far all of these films have been fun and quite enjoyable, Shaun of the Dead being the benchmark that all zombie comedies are judged by. Tokyo Zombie is a Japanese comedy, which really deals more with the two main characters than the situation that they are in, and it works quite well for the film.
The plot consists of two guys who are working in a fire extinguisher plant and instead of working they are practicing Jujitsu. Fujio and Micchan are the leads, soon their employers sees them goofing off and starts slapping around Micchan and Fujio hits him in the head with an extinguisher and it is soon discovered that he is dead. They then go and bury him at Black Mount Fujii where everyone in Tokyo buries there trash and people they want buried. Soon everyone starts coming back to life and Micchan and Fujio leave Tokyo and head to Russia where Fujio wants to become a great Jujitsu fighter. But of course problems come up and there begins the journey of the film.
This was a weird and quirky little film. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you enjoy Japanese genre films, I think you will really enjoy this. The two leads Asano and Haikawa are a delight to watch in the film, specifically Haikawa. The effects are done well and some of the gags in the film are priceless such as the guy who tries to get a blow job from a zombie, I was rolling on the floor during that scene. This film is really a farce that involves Martial arts and zombies and really melds the two together flawlessly. The writing and direction are quite good and this is based on a manga. If you are a fan of the zombie genre I would definitely say check this one out.

This one gets 3 brain munching zombies out of 5

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