Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What the Fuck did I just watch?

Voices 2007
Director: Ki-hwan Ho
Writer: Lee Hyo-chu
Starring Jin-Seo Yun, Gi-Woong Park and Ki-Woo Lee

The Asian horror film genre is a genre with a lot of repeating subjects, ala the ghost girl and the revenge motif. Voices is a Korean supernatural film that is the 2nd of this years Afterdark Horrorfest films I have seen. And so far they are tied one good one and one not so good. It looks good but upon closer inspection you leave the film feeling confused and cheated. I was expecting something good especially after seeing The Host not too long ago, which is a by far better giant monster film that the utter shit that is Cloverfield. I am sure this will probably get a U.S. remake too as they are remaking every Asian horror film now it seems.
The plot basis is this a young schoolgirl (Yun) who is an excellent fencing student, goes to the wedding of her aunt and for some bizarre reason she jumps off a high balcony and is then escorted to the hospital and she witnesses her other aunt brutally stabbing her to death. She is shocked by this, but soon after that, people she trusts and loves start attacking her telling her life would be better if she was gone. A mysterious stranger then tells her to trust no one and she may survive it. As she investigates, she discovers that all the people who are attacking her claim to hear voices urging them to kill. It all leads to a bizarre ending that really doesn't explain or resolve anything.
Watching this film was an exercise in futility. It had its good points but overall this film was a failure. It was confusing and the subtitles a lot of time made no sense. Though the direction was good, and the atmosphere was generally creepy and it was also quite gory. But these things do not always equal a good horror film. The actors were good to especially Yun, she was believable when she was in peril and also very cute to watch. She was one of the few shining points of this bizarre film. I just cannot recommend this film to anyone but fans of Asian horror who have to see everything.
This one gets 2 out of 5

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