Thursday, May 7, 2009

9 and a Half Inches of Terror

One Eyed Monster 2008
Director: Adam Fields
Writers: Adam and Jordan Fields
Starring Ron Jeremy, Amber Benson, Veronica Hart, Charles Napier and Jason Graham

Horror and sex can sometimes go hand in hand and nothing prove this point more than One Eyed Monster. This is a fun horror flick that is parts Night of the Living Dead and Scream. It is a horror satire, that still plays the horror for real but has great moments that pay homage to films like Jaws and Evil Dead. Its especially a fun film if you are a fan of porn. It is always great to see Ron Jeremy in a new film and Amber Benson is delightful to watch as always. There actually is not a lot of gore or sex in the film, the movie more works through the way the characters interact and how they deal with the conflict that has arisen.
The plot is basically this, A porn film crew is heading high into the mountains to film a movie in the dead of winter, with a nasty snowstorm heading their way. Everything is going well till Ron (Jeremy) goes outside and is hit by something from the sky that absorbs into him. He goes back inside and begins his sex scene with Veronica (Hart) and he passes out and tears up her vagina. The crew gets to Ron and they notice his penis is missing and they check the video and see that it somehow came off of him and walked away. It now looks as if a 9 and a half which penis is running around the cabins killing the guys and trying to impregnate the women. The rest of the story deals with how they combat this enemy and who dies in the process, and the out of the world ending they come up with.
This was a fun as hell movie. Great direction by Fields, that is very reminiscent of the Evil Dead films. The writing is smart and funny too, especially loved the scene with Napier telling a story not unlike Quint's speech in Jaws. The cast is great Benson was amazing as the heroine who has a crush on Ron and wants to save his mutated penis. Graham is a great hero too who reminds me of Ben from Night of the Living Dead. Jeremy and Hart are great as the porn veterans which they are and the climax with Hart at the end is just priceless. And a special shout out goes to Napier as the grizzled mountain man, he was just awesome. There isn't ,much gore but what there is was done really well. Only one gratuitous nude scene as well, which you think a film of this caliber would have more. But, It works in the films favor, this film is smart, scary and funny. Definitely worth digging up.
This one gets 4 monster cum shots out of 5

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