Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another zombie crapfest

Children of the Living Dead 2001
Director: Tor Ramsey
Writer: Karen L. Wolf
Starring Tom Savini, Marty Schiff, Damien Luvara, Jamie McCoy, Sam Nicotero and A. Barret Worland

Zombie films, there seems to be a new one coming out every week, and many of them are pure trash, but sometimes you get a gem out of the trash. I am sorry to say Children of the Living Dead is not one of those. Other than a brief performance by Tom Savini, this is a pretty forgettable film. It is very cheesy and doesn't try to be professional at all. This is probably the worst one I have seen since the remake of Day of the Dead. It is poorly done and doesn't even try to make it seem a competent and enjoyable zombie film.
The plot basics are this, A small Midwestern town is besieged by a zombie plague. We meet Hughes (Savini) an ex Deputy and now a survivalist is clearing the town of zombies. He runs into his ex partner (Schiff) and they go to check out a barn and find a group of kids from a field trip and they pull them out but Hughes is attacked and has to be put down. A little while later we meet a group of teens, who are heading to a concert and they see a lumbering zombie and causes them to drive off a cliff and they die horribly. A few months later we meet Matthew (Luvara), whose father has bought the land the zombie siege took place on and is building a car dealership there. Though, strange things begin happening and you hear about the man who owned the land Abbott Hayes (Worland), and how he was a killer and sent to death row and was murdered there, but now has somehow come back to life as a ghoul and is controlling the zombies.
This was a really bad film. It was poorly done and the effects were just laughable. The direction was really bad, with poorly executed shots, and a rather pedestrian pace for the film. The writing is very pedestrian and predictable, it is like the writer seemed to just have cribbed everything from all the great zombie films. The acting was pretty bad, the only saving grace was the far to brief role by Tom Savini. All the other actors seemed like they were from a bad summer stock play. The effects are really bad, and the main zombie Hayes looks like the creep from Creepshow 2. This was just a bad film on all levels, so I would bypass this one and save yourself some grief.
This one gets 2 out of 5

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