Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Flashbacks: Idle Hands

Idle Hands 1999
Director: Rodman Flender
Writers: Terri Hughes and Ron Milbauer
Starring Devon Sawa, Seth Green, Eldon Henson, Jessica Alba, Jack Noseworthy and Kelly Monaco

The evil hand that destroys everything in its path, is a sub genre that has gotten a lot of play over the years, be it The Crawling Hand or the Hand. But Idle Hands is the first horror film to do it with a great sense of humor and style. This is just a fun as hell movie to watch. It has been a long ass time since I have seen it and it is hard to believe the film is 10 years old now. It is also the first time I ever had seen Jessica Alba in a film and she made quite an impression. The humor and terror in this film make an excellent combination and I really think Seth Green steals the film with his one liners and sarcasm. This is a movie that gets better with each viewing.
The plot basics is this, Anton (Sawa) is a slacker who sits around all day and smokes pot and watches TV, and the film opens with his parents who are mysteriously attacked and brutally murdered by an unseen assailant. Anton goes to hang out with his buds Pnub (Henson) and Mick (Green) to score some pot but then sees his neighbor a girl he has been pining over for years, Molly (Alba) walk by. She drops a book and he goes to return it and then he goes back to his place and hears something and stumbles over 2 Halloween decorations which he finds out are his dead parents. He calls his buds over, and it soon appears that Anton has killed them, and he notices his hand acting strangely and it kills his friends. But they come back from the dead to hang out cause they thought heaven looked lame. Anton cuts his hand off but that doesn't stop it and now its after Molly and he has to stop the hand before it kills her at the school dance and along the way many people will die horribly.
This movie is a blast to watch. The direction is great, at first it starts as a slasher film and then for a bit it seems to be a teen sex comedy, but then turns into a over the top horror comedy. The writing is solid too, with great suspense and some great jokes, especially the ones delivered by Green. The acting was great especially Green and Henson as Sawa's stoned buddies, they really steal the film. Also Fox as the witch chasing the evil and Noseworthy as the head banging neighbor helping her were great as well and had great chemistry together. A final shout out goes out to Alba, who is drop dead sexy and mesmerizes you every moment she is onscreen. The effects by Greg Cannom are great too, always great to see practical effects done so well in this modern age of CGI. This is just a great flick and definitely in my top 10 of best horror comedies. Highly recommended.
This one gets 5 killer hands out of 5

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