Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hot Lesbian Zombie action!!

Dead Moon Rising 2007
Director: Mark Poole
Writer: Mark Poole
Starring Jason Crowe, Erica Goldsmith, Mike Seely, Tucky Williams and Gary Williams

It seems like every week a new zombie film hits and most of them are interchangeable with each other, but every now and then a fresh and exciting one comes along. Dead Moon Rising is one of the latter, thankfully. This is a very low budget indie movie, but its fun as hell, it has the feel of Shaun of the Dead meets Airplane. The acting is decent and the eye candy is quite fun to watch and it has some touches of lesbianism which is always nice. This is just a fun little flick and one I think I will be revisiting.
The plot basics are this, Jim (Crowe) and Nick (Seely) are bored guys working at a low rent car rental place, who find themselves in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. The story is narrated by Jim who has some issues with guns that fall back to a girl humiliating him as a kid. They meet a lot of disparate people along their journey and the fun is seeing all the squabbling between the characters. There is also the burgeoning romantic tension between Jim and April (Goldsmith), and the tension that arises when the girl (Williams) who humiliated him shows up. It all leads into a crazy finale, that will leave you grinning from ear to ear.
I would classify this film as a guilty pleasure, it is one of those so bad it's good type of films. The director and writer are one and the same and he does a great job with the material. The direction is good and the writing is tight and funny as hell. The actors are good especially Crowe, Seely and Tucky Williams. They are fun as hell to watch. The effects are decent, but since this is an ultra low budget film, don't expect too much. The effects are more done in a fun and campy style. I would recommend this if you love zombies and sarcastic comedies.
This one gets 3 zombies out of 5.

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