Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'd Give you My Arm...Wait A Minute!!

Body Parts 1991
Director: Eric Red
Writer: Eric Red and Norman Snider
Starring Jeff Fahey, Kim Delaney, Brad Dourif and Lindsay Duncan

Horror films that deal with a body part that semms to be possessed with some inherent evil are almost as old as the entire genre itself. The first film that comes to mind is Peter Lorre's Mad Love. Ever since that film, they have continually been a part of the horror genre. Body Parts is one of my personal favorites form one of the under appreciated minds of horror in my book, Eric Red. He really put together an amazing film, it has a great cast, a tight story and some great effects that really bring the story to life.
The plot basics are this, Bill (Fahey) is a psychiatrist trying to understand the essence of evil and while on his way to work one day he has a horrific accident and loses his left arm. The doctor (Duncan does a new procedure where she grafts a arm from another person onto his shoulder and it seems to be a resounding success. Though as he gets accustomed to it, the arm starts taking on a mind of its own hitting his son and almost strangling his wife to death. He then finds out his arm belonged to a mass murderer. He then finds other people who had parts of him but they seem to be doing fine. Suddenly the other recipients start getting killed and the transplanted parts end up missing. It all leads down to a bloody showdown with the insane doctor and the killer who is somehow still walking around.
This is an awesome film that I love rewatching. The direction is tight, it is a tense film throughout with some great horror moments and also some intense action scenes, especially love the car chase scene. The story is great as well, it flows really well from the believable to the fantastic. The cast is awesome, this is one of my favorite performances by Fahey and I also love Dourif in the little time he is onscreen. The gore scenes in the film are brutal as hell and a delight to watch. It is a tight film in all respects and flies by at a frenetic pace. I highly recommend this one and would have to say this is one of my favorite horror films from the 90's.
This one gets 4 arms out of 5

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