Wednesday, May 13, 2009

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Dante 01 2008
Director: Marc Caro
Writers: Marc Caro and Pierre Bordage
Starring Lambert Wilson, Linh Dan Pham, Samona Maicanescu and Dominique Pinon

The mingling of science fiction and horror is always tricky, for every Alien or Event Horizon you get something like Virus. Dante 01 I am sorry to say falls in the latter category. Its a hodge podge of films like Event Horizon, Alien 3 and 2001, and it still does not equal a good film. Another problem was the very heavy handed Christian symbolism that you are subjected to throughout the film. The film starts off strongly and has some great visuals and decent actors but it flounders after the halfway mark and never finds its footing again, ending with a wtf moment.
The plot basics are these, it is the far future and the location is a prison space station and we come to meet the latest arrival of the prison, designate Unknown (Wilson), along with a new doctor Elisa (Pham) who has brought him onboard to run some scientific experiments and to study theses events. They put Unknown in with the other prisoners and he seems to be in a fugue state. Soon one inmate tries to stab him but he turns the tables on him and cuts his throat, but instead of dying, he does something to his victim that miraculously cures him. Soon, some of the inmates think he is the messiah, while Elisa just wants to dissect him. But this changes when another prisoner has hacked the controls of the ship and is hurtling it to crash into the nearby planet. Everyone tries to work together now, but will it be too late to save them? Only time will tell.
This was an interesting film to watch, at first it started off promising but then got bogged down in Christianity complexes and had an ending that left you confused. The direction was good halfway through then it just disintegrated into senseless imagery. The writing was not much help either this would have worked better if they had decided what kind of film they wanted, a hard edged sf horror film or an existentialist drama about dogma. The actors were good for what they had to work with, but nothing remarkable. The effects were good, but it wasn't very gory so, that didn't come into play too much. This film really comes down to be an interesting failure, if you are into sf and horror check it out, but otherwise I would steer clear of it.
This one gets 2 out of 5

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