Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lee Kicking Ass Yet Again!!

Dracula 3: Legacy 2005
Director: Patrick Lussier
Writers: Joel Soisson and Patrick Lussier
Starring Jason Scott Lee, Jason London, Roy Schieder, Rutger Hauer and Alexandra Wescourt

This is the third and final film in the Dracula trilogy that was produced by Wes Craven and which began with Dracula 2000. This film picks up right where Ascension left off, which is fitting as the films were shot back to back. This was fun series and I think this was a great ending to the series. It would be nice if they did pick it up where the film end as I would have liked to have seen the continuing adventures of Lee's character. These films are gory, have a nice sense of humor and are action packed. I was just sorry to not see this one and the previous one in theaters, as I would have loved to have seen it on a big screen.
The plot basics are such, Luke (London) and Uffizzi (Lee) are still hunting down Dracula (Hauer), and after they get a location of his whereabouts, Uffizzi goes to see the Cardinal (Schieder) for some help he finds that they want him to stop so he leaves the priesthood so he can hunt down Dracula. They head to Bucharest, as that is where their information has lead them and they face numerous hurdles trying to find him, running into flesh traders and rebel factions. They finally make it to his lair and that is when things start getting dicey, as a reporter (Wescourt) that Uffizzi has fallen for gets into the mix and Luke finds Elizabeth, but not as he hoped. Everything ends but not se well for some, and a new beginning for others.
This is a fun vampire film and this final part of the trilogy, seems to remind me a lot of Full Moon's Subspecies series. Lussier does a great job as always, I have yet to see him direct a bad film. I even dug White Noise 2. The cinematography is sharp and the action is clear and well defined. The script is good too, you can really feel the inner turmoil that Uffizzi feels during the story. The actors were great too, loved the banter between Lee and London, and Lee shined in the action scenes as he always does. Hauer was a great Dracula too, just wish there had been more of him in the film. The effects were great, the blood flies quite frequently in this film. This was a great end to the series and I highly suggest you sink your teeth into this one. Though if you haven't seen the first 2 I would say watch them first.
This one gets 4 out of 5

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