Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Not Your Everyday Kind of Parents

Mum & Dad 2008
Director: Steven Shiel
Writer: Steven Shiel
Starring Perry Benson, Dido Miles, Olga Fedori, Ainsley Howard and Toby Alexander

Evil and sadistic Parental units, have always been a popular villains in genre pieces for a long time. Whether it be in Parents or People Under the Stairs. The new British horror film Mum & Dad is no exception to that. It has a heavy undercurrent of sleaziness throughout the film, with some very darly humorous scenes tinged throughout the film as well. This film was a real surprise, it was grim and bleak as hell, a trait I really enjoy in horror films. The film has an unnerving feel throughout and you feel as something horrible will hapeen at any second. The film always seems to be on the cusp of dementia and that's what makes the film standout over other genre pieces that I have seen lately.
The plot basics are this, Lena (Fedori) isa newly hired worker at the airport and meets Birdie (Howard) who she is working with, and they strike up a friendly relationship while working. At the end of the day Birdie forgets her phone and runs back into retrieve it and this makes Lean miss her bus, when Birdie comes back she apologizes and says if she comes home with her, her dad will take her back home. She goes with her and as she waits for her to find her dad, she hears a noise and is hit with a syringe and is knocked out. When she regains consciousness she finds herself chained to a bed and hearing ungodly screams from the room next to hers. She is soon introduced to Mum (Miles) and Dad (Benson) and soon discovers that if she doesn't do whatever they say she will pay for it severely. She then tires to listen, while trying to find a way out of this madhouse, and the more she discovers the more insane the people seem. This all leads to a brutal bloodbath of a climax.
This was a sleazy grindhouse style of a film and it kind of made you feel dirty after watching it. The direction was very good, he really knew what to show you and what not to show you. The writing was also good, very sick and twisted along with some really morbid humor. The actors were all great, especially Benson and Miles as the title characters. Fedori was quite good too as she had to remain silent throughout most of the film and had to rely on her facial expressions to convey her feelings. There were some quite gross gore effects throughout the film, that were handled really well. An especially good scene was one involving the kissing of a decapitated head. This film reminded me a lot of People Under the Stairs, and that's a good thing. This film takes it in a different direction though, and does it with a mean spirited glee, it almost has a EC comics style to the whole thing. I highly recommend this one, but only if you are not easily shocked or disgusted.
This one gets 4 out of 5

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