Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oxygen tanks are not good for your skull

Autopsy 2008
Director: Adam Gierasch
Writers: Adam Gierasch and Jace Anderson
Starring Jenette Goldstein, Michael Bowen, Robert Patrick, Jessica Lowndes and Ross Kohn

Here I am back again to do my reviews of the last 2 of this year's batch of Afterdark Horrorfest films, and one of these is actually quite good. Thankfully, it is Autopsy a spooky hospital where patents keep disappearing scenario at the crux of the story. This one was fun had some great gore effects and some great genre actors in the villainous roles that really pushed the material over just being adequate to being damn good. To be honest I was not expecting much from this one , but I was pleasantly surprised.
The plot setup is this a group of friends after some hard partying in New Orleans during Mardi Gras, are a little too wasted and hit a tree head on. Everyone seems fine but within minutes a EMT vehicle shows up and picks up what appears to be a man they hit and takes them all to the hospital to be checked out. Once they get there it seems as if the hospital is deserted except for a perpetually cheery and odd nurse (Goldstein) and as they start being called to be checked out, they start disappearing. So, Emily (Lowndes) hunts for her boyfriend and discovers some strange and horrifying things happening at this hospital, it seems the head doctor is harvesting organs to keep his near death wife alive. Now its up to Emily to somehow survive and outwit the sadistic and brutal hospital staff.
This was a fun film that didn't waste any time delving into the meat of the story. The direction was very tight and Gierasch really made the most of this imposing and spooky location. The writing was good nothing stellar, but it told the story well. The acting was great especially Patrick, Goldstein and Bowen as the creepy hospital staff. This film had some awesome gore moments, the best I think of any of this years Afterdark films. The best one I believe was the head pummeling with a oxygen tank, it was quite brutal and sick. This one gets a hearty recommendation from me.
I give this one 4 out of 5 holes in the head.

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