Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yet another asian horror remake

The Uninvited 2009
Director: The Guard Brothers
Writers: Craig Rosenberg and Doug Miro
Starring Emily Browning, Arielle Kebelle, Elizabeth Banks and David Stratham

A lot of modern American horror films lately have been remakes of Asian horror and some have been excellent while others not so much. I am sorry to say the Uninvited falls in the latter category. It is an entertaining movie, but if you have seen the Korean original A Tale of Two Sisters, it does not add anything new. I could see every plot twist coming around the corner. It has a great cast and is directed well but if you have seen the original it holds no surprises at all.
The plot basics is this, Anna (Browning) has been in a psychiatric institution for a year and is finally cleared to come back home. A year ago her mom died in a horrible fire and she kept having nightmares about it and tried to commit suicide. She arrives home with her dad (Stratham) and finds that the nurse, Rachel (Banks) who was caring for her invalid mother is now involved and living with her father. She then meets up with her sister, Alex (Kebelle) and she tells her how Rachel is becoming part of the family and talks Anna into looking for evidence that she had something to do with their mother's death. As she digs in more and more it seems that Rachel is not who she says she is and this all leads to a bloody conclusion where everything is explained, just not in a manner anyone expects.
This film was done expertly well, it just rang hollow, since I had already seen the original. The direction by the Guard Brothers was excellent, it was very moody and had some genuinely scary moments. The script was good it just held no surprises. The cast was good, I especially enjoyed Banks, she really was fun to watch as this was the first performance I saw her in where she didn't play either the hot girl or the nice girl. There is little to no gore in it so, the effects work is minimal. I would say check this out if you have not seen A Tale of Two Sisters, but if you have just pass on it.
This one gets 3 out of 5

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