Thursday, June 4, 2009

Alien Tentacles Love Naked Women

Forbidden World 1982
Director: Allan Holzman
Writers: Tim Curnen and R.J. Robertson
Starring Jesse Vint, Dawn Dunlap, June Chadwick, Linden Chiles and Fox Harris

Once Alien hit theaters in 1979, there were many rip offs and clones of the film, and most are forgettable. But, two I have some fondness for are Galaxy of Terror and Forbidden World. Released by New World films and both produced by genre stalwart Roger Corman, they are cheesy, bloody and sex filled romps that I always had a lot of fun with. The acting is mediocre at best, and the effects are cheesy but still fun. The real reason to watch these films is the propensity of the females in the cast to drop their clothes at the drop of a hat, and this film has that in spades.
The plot basics are such, Mike Colby (Vint) is a troubleshooter for a corporation and is brought out of hypersleep to help a scientific colony on a barren planet with a problem with one of their experiments. He arrives at the facility and meets Doctor Barbara Glasser (Chadwick) and it soon become clear she is flirting with him. He also meets the head of the facility, Earl Richards (Scott Paulin), he tells him that they were trying to perfect a new food source and they somehow created a mutant species, which soon begins killing all the crew and now Colby and the survivors are trying to stay ahead of the monster and find a way to combat it. And some of the crew wants to protect it and try to reason with it. It all leads to a creative conclusion, with a needlessly pointless epilogue that made no sense.
This is a fun and cheesy B film. It's not a film that you watch for its excellence, as there is little to be found here. The direction is competent at best and confusing at worst. The writing basically contains every stereotype you would expect in a horror/scifi film. It has the naive damsel in distress, the opportunistic scientist, the one with a pang of conscience and the arrogant and stupid female. The action is serviceable at best, Vint does a decent job as the hero, and Dunlap as the female hero is good and a delight to watch run around naked or half naked. the effects are really cheesy and laughable, what you would expect from a Corman produced film. Especially fun is the final mutant who looks like a cross between a squid, Venom and a Hentai creature. This is a film I would recommend to fans of cheesy B horror films, but not to the casual viewer.
I give this one 3 out of 5

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