Thursday, June 4, 2009

Devilman, Does Whatever A DevilMan Can

Devilman 2004
Director: Hiroyuki Nasu
Writer: Machiko Nasu
Starring Hisato Izaki, Yûsuke Izaki, Ayana Sakai and Asuka Shibuya

I am a big fan of anime, especially the anime of the horror variety. So, when I heard there was a live action version of the classic Devilman series, I had to go and seek it out. I am glad I did, as it is one of the best translations I have seen of a anime to live action. The CGI is done expertly well done, especially for the time it was done 5 years ago, and fits the story very well. I also think they made the story have a lot of similarities with Spider-Man. The main character is also a weak person, who has power and responsibility thrust upon him, and the crux of the story is how he adapts and changes to it. The film could have been edited with a tighter rein, but overall I thought it was a good story.
The plot basics are this, Akira (Isako) and Ryo (Izaki) are friends in school. While Ryo is great at everything, Akira seems to fail at everything he tires, like when he tries to stand up for Ryo. Ryo soon comes to Akira to show him what his father was working on, something to do with demons and his father is absorbed by it and Akira comes to him and a orb of power hits him in the chest and he is transformed a human who has a powerful demon form. He is shocked at first but begins to use his newfound powers to battle demons that are terrorizing humanity. Soon demons are popping up all over the place and demon hunting unit squads are hunting them down and anyone they think is a demon. It soon becomes clear that Ryo is behind everything and is actually Satan and this all leads to tragedy for Akira's family and a epic battle of demon against demon with the world hanging in the balance.
This was a fun and solid film, it definitely played out like a comic book. The direction by Nasu was great, the story flowed well and it had some great visuals. The writing by Nasu was also excellent you really felt all the inner turmoil that Akira was going through, and it was especially sad when he lost someone he deeply cared about. The actors were excellent especially the two Shako's as the leads, and Sakai as Miki is great as well and has great chemistry with Akira. The digital effects were very good for the time that they were made and also it had some great gore effects in the film too. I just feel that all around this was a solid entry in the category of Japanese horror films and highly worth seeking out.
This one gets 4 out of 5

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