Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fun With Brain Eating Slugs

Brain Dead 2007
Director: Kevin S. Tenney
Writer: Dale Gelineau
Starring Joshua Benton, Sarah Grant Benedecke, David Crane, Andy Forrest, Cristina Tiberia, Michelle Tomlinson and Tess McVicker

Kevin S. Tenney is a name well known to fans of 80's horror, as he directed the classics Night of the Demons and Witchboard. Brain Dead is his latest film and is his first one I have seen since 1996's Pinocchio's Revenge. I am happy to say he is in proud form. He has not lost his adeptness at bringing great gore with T and A and acerbic dialogue. This is a film that throws Evil Dead 2, Night of the Living Dead and Bad Taste in a blender and brings you something exciting and fun for a diehard horror fan to immensely enjoy.
The plot basics are this, Some friends are fishing when a meteor plummets through one mans head and it is soon noticed that it is a alien life form that eats his brain and then takes over the body to eat brains. We then begin to meet the cast of characters of the film, first there is Bob (Crane), a stone cold killer and Clarence (Benton) a guy who had a car collision and they are both on their way to county jail. They escape and are off on foot after Bob kills the cop. Next we meet Reverend Farnsworth (Forest) and his parishioner Amy (Iberia). He is trying to have a dalliance with her and their car breaks down. Nest we meet Sydney (Clicker) a Ranger who is called in to check on the fishing buddies. Finally we meet 2 campers who are lost, Sherry (Brenda) and Claudia (Tomlinson). All of these disparate people end up in a empty fishing lodge and are at first held hostage by Bob until they notice something lurking and killing people outside. It is a battle of survival the rest of the film as all the people try to put aside their differences long enough to survive intact.
This was just a fun as hell film, I had a ball from beginning to end to this film. Tenney still shows that he is a great genre director, and he gives you great gore, humor and lots of gratuitous nudity, as every female in the film loses her clothes at some point. The writing is funny as hell and the main characters were well fleshed out, what was surprising though is it seems one character is set up as a lead but they don't survive very long. The actors are all unknowns, but they all do a great job, especially Benton and Tomlinson, they are fun as hell too watch. The gore effects in the film are all practical and are amazing, lots of great trauma scenes to the head and a great scene that involves a slug and a vagina. This is really a treat and highly recommended to gore hounds and naked chick lovers.
This one gets 4 slugs out of 5

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