Thursday, July 16, 2009

Black Humor at it's finest!!

Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed 1969
Director: Terence Fisher
Writer: Bert Batt
Starring Peter Cushing, Veronica Carlson, Simon Ward, Thorley Walters, Maxine Audley and George Pravda

I am back again with another review of the Hammer Frankenstein films and this one is my favorite after Curse of Frankenstein. This one< I think Cushing gives the most darkest performance of Frankenstein that he has done in any of the films. He is vile and utterly amoral. What is so great though, is that the film is without a doubt his film, he carries it and when he is not on screen teh film suffers for it. The other actors are good, but they are just not of the caliber of Cushing. I do love Walters as a bumbling Inspector, who reminded me quite a lot of Holmes' Inspector Lestrade. Carlson is always fun to watch too, she was one of my favorite heroines in the Hammer films. The film is tinged with much black humor throughout too, which I love to see in my horror films.
The plot basics are this, Frankenstein (Cushing) is hunting and lops off the head of a eminent doctor, but he is followed by a curious onlooker and he attacks him but is unsuccessful. He then cleans up the evidence and looks for new lodgings. He comes across a boarding house run by a fetching young woman, Anna (Carlson). He starts residing there and discovers her fiance, Karl (Ward) works for a asylum and he discovers a fellow colleague who has the information he needs is insane and residing there. He blackmails the 2 of them to help him so he can grab his colleague so he can fix his madness and get the data he needs. There is a problem though and he has to transplant his brain to another body. He then cures his madness, but complications arise and it leads to a fiery climax.
This is a great horror film. It has a great gothic feel that Fisher really handles well, he is the best of the Hammer directors. The cinematography was great and had an awesome gothic ambience to the entire film. Batt's script is great, giving great lines to Cushing and some great black humor sprinkled throughout. The cast is exceptional, Cushing gives a bravura performance as Frankenstein and Walters as the bumbling inspector who thinks he is brilliant. The effects are bloody and fun. This is a great classic gothic horror film that I highly recommend.
This one gets 5 out of 5

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