Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Machetes Aplenty!!

Friday the 13th (Killer Cut) 2009
Director: Marcus Nispel
Writers: Mark Swift and Damian Shannon
Starring Jared Paladecki, Amanda Righetti, Danielle Panabaker, Travis Van Winkle, Julianna Gull, Willa Ford, Derek Mears and Nana Visitor

I saw this film on opening day when it was released in theaters and I loved it. This review will be for the extended version that is on DVD. I loved the original cut, but I think I enjoyed this version even better. The pacing is more fleshed out with some great added scenes with Jason and some more gratuitous nudity. Some of the effects are much bloodier too. all things I loved seeing, this was even more fun the second time. Nispel really can make a solid horror film, his Texas Chainsaw Massacre was no fluke. He paces the film really well and sets up the kills marvelously. I have no doubt this will be a film I watch incessantly like some of my other favorite Friday films. I put this one right up there with The New Blood as one of my favorites.
The plot basics are this, We open to 1980 where a girl is being stalked by a older woman (Visitor), she wants to kill her because she blames her and all teenagers for the death of her son Jason. The girl gets the upper hand and slices off her head with a machete. Then a small form comes out of the shadows and takes the head and the machete and skulks away. Flash forward 19 years later and we see a group of teens heading to the campgrounds looking for some hidden marijuana. Soon they are all stalked by a sack wearing maniac (Mears) and are dispatched brutally except for one girl (Righetti). Forward six weeks later and we meet another group of kinds headed to a cabin and they stop at a convenience store and we meet Clay (Paladecki) who is looking for his sister Whitney. He has a issue with one of the guys, Trent (Winkle). later on he ends up at Trent's cabin and his girlfriend seeing that he is a jerk goes along with Clay to help him canvas the area looking for his sister. Soon, Jason is dispatching all the teens in gruesome ways and it is discovered that Whitney is being held captive by Jason because she reminds him of his mother. Clay finds her and rescues her but Jason is hot on their trail, and they have to find a way to outwit him.
This is still an amazing film. Nispel does a great job with the film, the pacing is great, with some awesome suspense building moments. The only complaint I would make is that sometimes the film is too dark. The story by Swift and Shannon, is great it is funny and you actually care for some of the characters. The cast is quite good, Paladecki is great in the hero's role and Mears is a awesome Jason, he is 2nd only to Kane Hodder in my book. All the women are uber sexy and most of them lose their clothing at some point, which is always good in this type of film. The SFX are great, it has a great melding of practical and CGI. The music is great too, with some nice nods to Harry Manfredini's original score. This is probably my favorite remake or re imagining since Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead. I highly recommend this to horror fans and Jason Fanatics.
This one gets 5 out of 5 bloody machetes

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