Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bikinis and Zombies!!

Onechanbura: Samurai Bikini Squad 2008
Director: Yohei Fukuda
Writers: Yokei Fukuda and Yasutoshi Murakawa
Starring Eri Otoguru, Tomohiri Waki, Taro Suwi, Manami Hashimoto, Chise Nakamura, Ai Hazuki and Sari Kurauchi

The title of this film tells you what you are getting into, a samurai chick in a bikini killing hordes of zombies. That makes sure this film only attracts fans of one kind, video game fans, and guys who like hot chicks. The film is pretty much a mindless popcorn type of film, and if you are searching for any deeper meaning in a film of this variety , go watch a Merchant Ivory production. This has lots of bad CGI, crazy and colorful characters and lots of gratuitous T and A. I got exactly what I was looking for in this film, a diverting 90 minutes filled with crazy fight scenes and gloriously bodacious babes, and I was not disappointed.
The plot basics are this, it is a near feature and we meet a samurai sword wielding women wearing a cowboy hat and a furry bikini, Aya (Otoguro) is searching for her sister. She is hunting her sister (Kurauchi) who helped kill her father and along the way is killing every zombie she sees. The world is overrun by zombies and it is a ongoing to battle to survive in this harsh landscape. Aya soon finds another zombie fighter, Katsuji (Waki), dressed all in leather and her weapon of choice is a shotgun. They team up and head to the secret lair of Doctor Suguti (Suwi) who has created all the zombies and needs the blood of Aya's sister to complete his evil scheme, and now it is up to Aya and Katsuji to stop him.
This was a very fun film. The direction by Fukuda is very good, he paces the action scenes well with the obligatory character exposition scenes. The script is decent at best, it is really a mediocre story and you really only enjoy it because of the visuals and definitely not the writing. The acting is decent for what it is, but nobody really stands out. The actresses are quite striking to watch, but that is really all I can say for the film. The SFX for the film is pretty cheesy and laughable, but still fun to watch as long as you are in the right mood. The film is really a one of those bad movies that are great to watch with a bunch of friends, but it is not a film you should take seriously.
This one gets 3 out of 5

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