Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cowboy Killer

Cowboy Killer 2008
Director: Jason Baustin
Writers: Jaymes Carnery and Ben Solenberger
Starring Paul Bailey, Jaqueline Turner, Michael P. Strassbender, Ben Solenberger and David Buckler

I rented this one because the setup sounded like a pretty cool flick, and at first I was worried as it was a very low budgeted independent film. It was shot on digital and they seemed to have pulled it off well. The film really feels like a drive-inn movie from the 70's and I think that adds charm to the film. Also, the actor who plays the titular Cowboy Killer, he is a hoot to watch and was especially fun with his delusional fantasies and whenever he utters the words "you are in for a treat", you know someone is going to die horribly. This was definitely one of the more entertaining low level slasher films I had seen in awhile.
The plot basics are this, we meet Roy Thompson (Bailey) who seems to be a unhinged psychopath, who believes that he is a cowboy. He comes across this girl, Ashley (Turner) who is waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up for her homecoming dance, and he is late. She allows Roy to give her a ride, but it soon turns bad and he kills her and decapitates her and begins to romance her head. This was just the latest in a string of murders that he is guilty of, anyone he doesn't think is following the cowboy way he kills. Soon, a motley crew begins to from, all wanting to catch Bailey and stop him before he kills more people. It all leads to a bloody and bizarre showdown.
This was a fun little movie. The direction by Baustin was very campy but it all worked in the film's favor. The writing is very quirky and funny and sort of has a feel of a Kevin Smith film. The acting is done well especially Bailey as Thompson, he really commands the screen whenever he is onscreen. I also enjoyed the 2 cable guys who really played off like Jay and Silent Bob form Kevin Smith;s films. The SFX and the makeup effects are passable at best and never seem very realistic but I think that was a intentional part of making this film. This is a fun film that hearkens back to the drive inn era of horror films and I really appreciated that.
This one gets 3 out of 5

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