Thursday, September 3, 2009

Friday Flashbacks: Halloween 2007

Halloween 2007
Director: Rob Zombie
Writer: Rob Zombie
Starring Malcolm Mcdowell, Sheri Mon Zombie, Scout Taylor Compton, Tyler Mane, Daeg Faerch, Daniellle Harris, Brad Dourif and William Forsythe

Rob Zombie is one of the modern premier horror filmmakers in my book and I was ecstatic when I heard he was tackling the remake of Carpenter's seminal classic. Zombie has yet to disappoint me and he did not do that with this film either. It is totally different from Carpenter's vision and there is really no comparison to the two films. Other than them both being about a psychotic killer named Michael Myers. Where Carpenter's film is a suspense filled Hitchcockian type of film, Zombie's is a high octane white trash tinged horror film. I do love Carpenters film, but I think Zombie's film surpasses him with the caliber of acting that he gets. People like Dourif, Wallace and Mcdowell really bring it up a notch. That is why I really consider this film a modern classic that I never get tired of revisiting.
The plot basics are this, we meet young Michael Myers (Faerch) who is growing up in a dysfunctional white trash family. He has issues at school where he is picked on by bullies and at home, his abusive stepfather (Forsythe). His mother (Zombie) is called into school for a meeting and meets the school psychologist, Doctor Loomis (Mcdowell) and she discovers that Michael is torturing animals and Loomis is worried that this could lead to a larger problem. Michael is then found to be stalking the school bully and he beats him to death wearing a clown mask. This leads to him going psychotic on Halloween night and killing everyone in his house except for his baby sister. He is institutionalized and slowly hides within himself and just lives through masks he creates now. Flash forward 15 years later and he breaks out and heads back home to reunite with his sister, Laurie (Compton) and he begins to kill anyone who gets in his way. Loomis comes to hunt him down which leads to a dramatic showdown between Laurie and Michael that will only end badly.
This is a phenomenal film. Zombie directs with a deft touch, really making you feel the isolation that young Michael is suffering through. The script is great and alot of people complain about the language, but that is how people who grow up in a white trash community talk, and being from that demographic I totally related to it. The cast was great, especially loved Compton and Mcdowell. They really brought a new feel to the characters of Laurie and Loomis. I also loved Zombie, she showed she could play something other than Baby. The gore SFX were great in the film and quite realistic. And you cannot talk about a Zombie film without mentioning the soundtrack. As always, it is a perfect soundtrack to the images you see on the screen. This is a great horror film and one that will be re watched for many years to come.
I give it 5 out of 5

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