Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bad Taste Lite

Evil Aliens 2005
Director: Jake West
Writer: Jake West
Starring Emily Booth, Jamie Honeybourne, Sam Butler, Jody Shaw, Peter O'Connor, Nick Smithers and Norman Lovett

This is a film I had many great things about and a lot of it seemed to be hyperbole, so I decided to check it out for myself. I was able to keep an open mind and enjoyed it quite a bit, but it was always gnawing at the back of my mind I had seen this before and done much better and then it hit me. This is really just a inferior version of Peter Jackson's classic Bad Taste. It even has the same type of hero a geek or nerd of sorts and you follow this characters trials and tribulations until the way over the top ending. I did really get a kick out of this film, but I was always comparing it to Bad Taste, never a good thing to do to a film. It is always better to judge a film on its own merits, but when it is so similar to another film it is impossible to do that.
The plot basics are this, a couple are having sex in a farm field when they are both abducted by aliens, and the male is killed and the female is impregnated with something. This brings a sensationalistic tabloid TV show Weird World hosted by the sexy Michelle Fox (Booth), who is hoping this is the real thing and her ticket into the big leagues. She goes to do a story on this girl with her crew and a nerdy UFO expert, Gavin Gorman (Honeybourne). When they get there and Emily discovers that aliens have actually landed, she investigates hoping to find her way to fame and glory. Soon, the aliens start attacking and it is a ongoing battle between the humans and the aliens to see who will prevail.
This was a very tongue in cheek, bloody and fun film. West's direction was very campy and acerbic at times and that really worked for the best in this film. His script was good too very funny, but one main problem with it was except for Gavin none of the characters were sympathetic enough for you too root for. The cast was good, Booth was very sexy and funny at times, and Honeybourne reminded me very much of Peter Jackson in Bad Taste. The SFX and gore was really bloody and over the top, the anal drilling at the beginning and the impregnation scenes especially. They were a delight to watch. I think people will enjoy this film much more if they have never seen Bad Taste, but it will still be enjoyable to horror fans who have seen that classic already. You may be able to distance the two films from themselves more than I was able to do.
This one gets 3 out of 5

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