Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Flashbacks: The Fly 1986

The Fly 1986
Director: David Cronenberg
Writers: Charles Edward Pogue and David Cronenberg
Starring Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis, John Getz, Joy Boushel, George Chuvalos and David Cronenberg

Very few remakes are able to surpass the original and Cronenberg's the Fly is one of the few that is able to pull that feat off. It belongs in the same category as John Carpenter's The Thing and Chuck Russell's The Blob. Films that are vastly superior to the original material. What makes this film so much better too is how Cronenberg treats the material. Because his Fly is more than just a horror film, at it's core it is a tragic love story in the vein of Romeo and Juliet. With fate and Mother Nature as the Montagues and the Capulets. This film also would work great as a 2 person play, but not as a opera as they tried to do awhile back and failed miserably. The film is really pulled off thanks to the great story, acting and some great effects that really pull everything together.
The plot basics are this, we meet Seth Brundle (Goldblum) who is at a part and meets a science magazine reporter, Veronica Quaife (Davis) and he strikes up a conversation with her and tells her about a teleportation device he is creating. He brings her back to his apartment and tests it for her and she is excited enough to write a piece about it. She brings it to her boss and ex lover, Stathis Boranis (Getz) and he tells her to go for it. Brundle comes to the office and begs her not to write it and he will give her exclusive rights to it. Due to the fact that it cannot teleport organic substances yet. She agrees and they fall in love and because he is too impatient he thinks he perfects it and transports himself, but unbeknownst to him a fly gets in the mix and is integrated with him. He feels revitalized but it soon becomes apparent that the fly is taking over and Victoria tries to talk sense into him but it is too late for that. He is devolving and he has grown fixated on her and he has plans for her, ones she wants no part of, but Seth will not take no for an answer.
This is a great film. Cronenberg's direction is solid. He builds up the romance between the two leads quickly and makes it all the more tragic as the story takes it's darker turns. He sets the stage well for ever scene, and my personal favorite is when Seth is in the bar drinking and he challenges one of the roughnecks to a arm wrestling match to woo his floozy off of him. It is a powerful scene that shows you how mad he is becoming. The script is great too, the two leads are very well structured as well as the character of Stathis, he at first plays out like the atypical jealous ex lover, but he really fleshes him out into a solid character. The cast is great as well, Goldblum and Davis have great chemistry and bring great depth to their characters. Getz is great also, he really solidifies the trinity of characters within this film. The SFX is amazing, Chris Walas, has some of the best creature FX I have seen in any film, and I still marvel at it every time I watch it. This is a defining film of modern horror and one of the true classics. Definitely seek it out if you haven't witnessed this masterpiece.
This one gets 5 out of 5 inside out baboons

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