Saturday, October 17, 2009

Nausea Inducing Horror

Seventh Moon 2008
Director: Eduardo Sanchez
Writers: Eduardo Sanchez and Jamie Nash
Starring Amy Smart, Dennis Chan and Tim Chiou

Blair Witch Project. This gets varied reactions from people, some think it is one of the greatest horror films, while others believe it is one of the most overrated piece of fluffed up horror films ever made/ I definitely fall in the latter. Eduardo Sanchez, one of the co directors of the BWP and that film is Seventh Moon. I was hoping he was on the upswing after the pleasant surprise, but Seventh Moon is another failed disappointment just like BWP. IT has another limited cast and some very confusing and poorly lit camera work. The only good thing I can say about the film is that I always enjoy seeing Amy Smart in a film, and she is the shining moment of this film. This film was just poorly executed and not fun at all to sit through. It is like watching someone else play a first person shooter video game like Doom. It actually made me kind of nauseous.
The plot basics are this, Melissa (Smart) and Yul (Chiou) are newlyweds having their honeymoon in China and they are on their way to meet Yul's family and they have a cabbie, Ping (Chan) driving them through the countryside. Ping gets lost and stops at a village to ask directions but after an hour or so he never returns so they go to search for him and they cannot find him and discover a man who looks half dead and then a group of creatures chase them and they then run back into the car and tries to get away. Soon they discover that there is a Hungry Ghost festival and the festival is all too real as the villagers leave sacrifices to appease the ghosts. Soon they discover it is real and are being chased by the hungry and angry ghosts and it is now a race for survival for the 2 newlyweds.
This film was really an exercise in futility. Sanchez direction is pretty much letter for letter the same as in BWP and it doesn't work for this film either. Most of the time it is so dark you cannot tell what the hell is going on, and the jarring hand held camera techniques just make trying to pay attention to the story almost impossible. The script is not much better, Melissa is really the only fully fleshed out character. Yul is just a badly drawn caricature of a stupid young man that makes all the stupid decisions. Ping is basically just the device that gets the story going and is also used as the exposition. Smart is really the only bright point in the cast, she carries her role well, but it just is not enough to make this a fond viewing experience. Chan and Chiou are serviceable at best and at other times down right frustratingly annoying. The SFX is not that great either, but that is mainly due to the blurring camera work in the film that never lets you get any good views of the creatures. It seems like Sanchez suffers the Star Trek movie curse, where only the even numbered films of his are good, so I am hoping his next film is not such a pain to suffer through.
This one gets 2 out of 5

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