Thursday, October 15, 2009

Splatter Movie: The Director's Cut

Splatter Movie: The Director's Cut 2008
Director: Amy Lynn Best
Writer: Mike West
Starring Amy Lynn Best, Tom Sullivan, Debbie Rochon, Elske McCain, Nikki McCrae, Rachelle Williams, Alyssa Herron and Tiffany Warren

The film within a film idea is a tried and true subject that has been used in many types of films, not just the horror genre. Splatter Movies is another solid addition to this subject and it would have been great if I had not first seen Brutal Massacre: A Comedy first, as that film really rolled with the topic and made something very memorable and funny as hell. This film though, has a excellent cast and some fine direction by Best. It just could not surpass some of the acting in Brutal Massacre. Though, this film is more a slasher film than that was, but the films are too similar for me to discount their connecting subject matter. There is some fine work in this one, the way it is shot is very similar to a Troma film and they use the killer POV to great advantage throughout the film.
The plot basics are this, we open with a speech by Amy Lee Parker (Best) a film director and she states that she has just killed 22 people as she was filming her new horror film to prove that she is the greatest serial killer of all time. We then cut to some time before that as Amy is getting ready to film her new horror movie and has a documentary crew following her and her cast and crew around so they can document what goes into the making of a horror film. While the movie gets filmed someone in the killer's mask starts killing cast and crew members left and right. This all leads to a shocking ending where you aren't sure what is real and what is celluloid.
This was a very well done independent film. Best's direction is very good, she does the killer POV expertly and is also very adept at getting you to follow some red herrings. The script was quite good too very funny with some nice characters peppered throughout the plot. The cast was good too, I really enjoyed Best as Parker, she brought a great authentic feel to the character. Sullivan was very good too and especially loved the scenes with Rochon and McCain. I would have loved to have seen more with both of them in the film. The SFX was very good for a low budget film and I especially loved the death of McCain and Williams. It had a nice phallic overtone to the whole proceedings. It was very over the top and funny as hell. Though I prefer Brutal Massacre this is still a fin horror film satire and very much worth pursuing. Definitely see it if you like films in the vein of Terror Firmer.
This one gets 3 out of 5

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