Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wrong Turn Wannabe

Albino Farm 2009
Directors: Joe Anderson and Sean McEwen
Writers: Joe Anderson and Sean McEwen
Starring Tammin Sursok, Chris Jericho, Richard Christy, Duane Whitaker, Sunkrish Bala and Alicia Lagano

I had rented this film cause it looked pretty good and it had wrestler Chris Jericho in it. It is a backwoods horror film in the vein of Wrong Turn and The Hills Have Eyes. Suffice to say it borrows too much from those films and fails to create a identity of it's own. Not to say the film is not entertaining, it really is. Just do not expect anything new and different from the experience. The shining point of the movie is really Chris Jericho, he steals all the scenes he is in. Another problem with this film a lot of the horror scenes were way too dark and you could not see what the hell was going on. This was also a film that needed a lot more gratuitous T and A than it showed. It seemed to promise a lot but failed to make good on those promises.
The plot basics are this, four college students are on a road trip researching local legends and seeing if they can prove or disprove them. They stop at a gas station due to a flat tire and the blind gas station's owner tell's them about something called the Albino Farm, where freaks and rejects of the area live. They decide to check it out and the deeper they get into the legend the more screwed up things get. They find the Albino Farm and are soon attacked by the sadistic freaks within the Albino Farm.
At the most this is a competent film, but not a very memorable one. The direction is adequate, but sometimes it is confusing and hard to figure out what is going on. Some scenes are way too dark and you are completely lost on what is going on. The script is not much better, all the characters are pretty much the stereotypes you expect to see in this type of horror film. Except for Chris Jericho's character none of the other characters left much of a impression on me. The cast is decent, but ultimately all throwaway characters, with the exception of Jericho. He really makes the film watchable any time he is on screen. The SFX are quite good, if hackneyed. One example would be the one girl who is killed by the tree which seemed ripped off from Emmanuelle Chriqui's death in Wrong Turn. I would only recommend this film to fans of Chris Jericho, but if you want a better backwoods horror seek out Wrong Turn instead.
This film gets 3 out of 5

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