Sunday, November 22, 2009

All Sewn Up

The Seamstress 2009
Director: Jesse James Miller
Writers: Mark Garbett, Bob Hume and David Andrew Lloyd
Starring Lance Henriksen, Kailin See, David Kopp, James Kirk, Lara Gilchrist, Sarah Mutch, Richard Stroh, Kevin Mcnulty and Andee Frizzell

I had seeked this film out mainly due to Henriksen being in the film and I am glad I did. It is a original and tense horror film that I think more people should see. It has a very cool monster that is very original and creative. The film has some great kills in it and it also makes great use of the isolationist location of using a island. It is a film that works on many levels> As a revenge film, as a supernatural horror film and finally as a suspense film. What is best about it is how all these things combine to make it a solid film that is well worth repeated viewings. It has a great cast that is anchored by Henriksen and I also dug Frizzell as the Seamstress, her voice was really quite freaky and was used for excellent effect. This is a great alternative horror film to fans who are sick of the remakes and the sequels. It uses the classic archetype of a horror film. A bunch of people in a isolated area that discovers something horrible is happening to all of them.
The plot basics are this, Allie (See) is searching for her father who has disappeared after delving into a story. Allie investigates and talks to a local sheriff (Henriksen) and discovers where her father went too and decides to investigate the island where he disappeared too. She brings a bunch of friends to help her and things begin to get strange. It seems a vigilante mob cruelly killed a seamstress (Frizzell) who they thought had killed some local people and now she has risen from the grave to exact revenge on the members of the mob. This is bad for Allie and her friends because they have ended in the middle of all this and are all potential victims for the Seamstress. The 2 remaining members of the mob show up on the island and Allie learns the truth and the question is will she preserve her innocence or enact her own bloody vengeance?
This is a great film. Miller's direction is great. He makes excellent use of shadows and lights and you never know what to expect from scene to scene. He slowly unravels the films, so the more you get into it the deeper the mystery gets. He sets up the attack scenes of The Seamstress effortlessly. The script is good too, it really gives you a well rounded look at all the characters of the film. No one seems to be a stereotype and all have reasons for what they do in the film. The cast is very good too, Henriksen steals every scene he is in as usual. I also really liked Frizzell as The Seamstress, she had a real ethereal and spectral quality to her scenes and it really sent chills down your spine. See was a good lead protagonist who had her own weaknesses which made her character much more than the "white hat" of the piece. The SFX and effects in the film were phenomenal, the kills by the Seamstress were gory and macabre and definitely a highlight of the film. The scene where the one guy has his eyes and mouth sewn up and hung upon a tree like a crucifixion scene was really amazing. This one gets a high recommendation just for being a original piece of horror cinema.
This one gets 5 out of 5

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