Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Boogeyman

The Boogeyman 1980
Director: Uli Lommel
Writers: Uli Lommel, David Herschel and Suzanna Love
Starring Suzanna Love, Ron James, John Carradine, Nicholas Love, Raymond Boyden and Llewelyn Thomas

This is one of the horror films I grew up watching, as it was on continuous rotation on TMC for most of that decade. So, when I saw this for 3 bucks at Big Lots I had to sang this bad boy up and see if my memory was still accurate. Because I have seen many of Lommel's recent films and they are pretty horrible. But, after watching this it seems he blew his wad on this film, because this is his only film that runs on all cylinders and is a pretty damn good horror film. It is really neat how it combines the slasher genre, with haunting's and demonic possessions. You would not think those things would mesh together well, but they fit together flawlessly in this film. The killer is very creepy, and he never has to say anything, you are freaked out just by looking at him. The deaths in the film are great too, some of the bloodiest I saw as a kid, and it definitely got me hooked on horror films.
The plot basics are this, we meet Lacey and Willie, who live with their single mom, who is a lush and likes to sleep around. The man she is sleeping with now is cruel and depraved. He ties up Willie and then goes to have sex with the mother. Lacey grabs a butcher knife and cuts Willie loose and he takes the knife and stabs the man to death while his sister and mother watches in terror. Flash forward 20 years later, and Lacey (Love) is grown up and married and has a small boy. While Willie (Love) has never spoken since that fateful night. Lacey keeps having nightmares so her husband takes her to the house where she grew up and she takes a mirror from the house with her and when she gets home she starts to see the lover of her mother in the mirror. She freaks out and breaks it, and it seems the lover was trapped in the mirror and now is a vengeful spirit and begins to control things and begins to kill people indiscriminately, but is ultimate goal seems to be to possess Lacey. A priest (Thomas) gets involved and must combat the evil spirit and try to save Lacey's immortal soul.
This is a damn creepy and fright filled horror film. Lommell's direction is very good here, he uses the killer POV very well in the film and all the hunting and killing scenes are staged very well. The script is pretty good, with some decent characterization and some very tense filled scenes. Though, it seems little effort was to give the story much depth, which has its charms, but does make some of the film seem rather hollow. The cast is adequate at best, really the only shining star of the cast is genre stalwart John Carradine, he gives a nice hammy performance as the psychologist trying to help Lacie. Suzanna and Nicholas Love do a decent job but nothing earth shattering. The SFX in the film are pretty good for the time the film was made and has some very nice gore effects. My favorite bit was when the girl is kissing her dead lover in the car and a knife comes through his mouth and enters hers, gives new meaning to the term French Kiss. This is a very good horror film and definitely one fans of the slasher genre should see.
This one gets 4 out of 5

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