Thursday, November 19, 2009

Flesh, TX

Flesh, TX 2008
Director: Guy Crawford
Writers: Guy Crawford and Kathleen Benner
Starring Kathleen Benner, Wendy Crawford, Dale Denton, Joe Estevez, Melinda Evans, Jimmy Flowers, Davina Joy, Jada Kline and Eleni C. Krimitsos

This is yet another film that follows in the veins of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and House of a 1,000 Corpses. It is not a bad film, but not a very good one either. Like most films that follow the same formula s these films it adds nothing new. It odes have some good performances and some very bloody kills and if that is enough to appease you, you may find yourself entertained by this film. It seems to meld together characters like Baby from Corpses and Sheriff Hoyt from the new versions of TCM. It does this very well and you are intrigued and interested to see what will happen with these characters, but they are never given much of a spark of life, so there is no real empathy for them. That is a shame because the film would have really shined if they had put in the extra effort.
The plot basics are this, Donna (Krimitsos) is traveling with her daughter, Abigail (Kline) across state lines planning on starting a new life with her after divorcing her husband. They stop in a backwater town and as they stop at a gas station a beguiling lady, Sugar (Benner) talks to Abigail and gets her to run out and then she abducts her. Donna complains to the Sheriff (Denton) but it does not seem to d any good. It soon becomes clear that he is in league with Sugar and that they are all harboring a deep dark secret that Donna will be shocked to uncover. It would seem that Sugar beguiles unsuspecting victims to her family's house and they then kill and cook them. Will Donna be able to rescue Abigail and escape in one piece or will they be the next item on the family's menu?
This was a decent film. Crawford's direction is good, he has the feel of a back woods horror film down pat. The opening scene that sets up the modus operandi of the family is executed very well. It sets the stage and you know exactly what kind of film you will be seeing. The script is decent as well. As I mentioned before it cribs well from other films but does not add anything new to the mix. So if you enjoy seeing the usual genre trappings for this sort of film, I think you will enjoy it. The cast is good. Brenner as Sugar really channels Sheri Moon zombie in her performance and to me that is not a bad thing. Denton as the patriarch of the family reminds me too much of R. Lee Ermy in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. His acting also reminds me a lot of Kevin Gage. Both fine actors to emulate but he doesn't;t really give it his own touch. I also really liked Estevez as the town drunk, he was the most entertaining character in the film. The SFX is exceptional and really grabs your eye whenever someone gets killed. The opening kill is one of the best in the film. This was a fun diversion, but nothing groundbreaking or a film I would revisit too much.
This one gets 3 out of 5

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