Saturday, November 14, 2009

Serial Killer 101

How To Be A Serial Killer 2008
Director: Luke Ricci
Writer: Luke Ricci
Starring Dameon Clarke, Matthew Gray Gubler, Ryan Smith, Laura Regan, George Wyner, Douglas Dickerman and Mary Jo Catlett

This looked to be like an intriguing film, another farce it seems on the slasher genre. With a setup that makes it look like a infomercial and the lead portraying Tony Robbins if he went psychotic. It really fires on all cylinders. It is very witty and funny and has some great performances by the 2 leads of the film, who really carries the films till its hilarious ending. This is definitely the best slasher satire film I have seen since Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. Though, it does not reach the heights of that film, it still supports itself ably well. I was laughing throughout the film and really enjoyed watching the travails of the lead as he tried to instruct someone in the art of being a serial killer.
The plot basics are this, Mike Wilson (Clarke) is a articulate, intelligent and charismatic man who has found his true calling in life, to be a serial killer. He now wants to pass on all his expertise onto anyone who wants to follow in his footsteps. He finds a nerdy guy, Bart (Gubler) and decides to instruct him in the way of killing to make him a better person. Mike trains him in the ways of killing, the ethics of the serial killer and the disposing of the bodies. Everything is proceeding well until Mike's girlfriend Abigail (Regan) discovers Mike's deep dark secret and this sends Mike into a deep spiral of killing anything that disrupts his way of life. The question is will Mike escape the law and will Bart follow his instructor and become the next great serial killer?
This is a great film. The direction by Ricci is great, I love how the movie starts out like any late night infomercial you would see and then digs into the training of Mike's protege. The script is great too, very sharp and witty and it definitely keeps you enthralled in the characters till the ending. Mike is really very likable and you like him despite he kills people for the sheer hell of it. The cast is really great for a independent film like this. Clarke is great as the serial killer mentor, he is charismatic and funny as hell. Gubler is very good too as the neurotic serial killer in training. He reminds me a lot of Steve Buscemi. I also liked George Wyner as the psychologist who tries to explain why Mike does what he does. He lends a great gravity toward the film and you know that Mike is on a road that leads to nowhere with his inclusion in the film. The SFX is very nominal in the film as the film relies more on the writing and performances than the spectacle of the film. If you are a fan of slasher satires like Behind the Mask or Scream definitely check it out.
This one gets 4 out of 5

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