Monday, November 2, 2009

Stay Far Away!!

The Return of the Boogeyman 1994 Review
Director: Deland Nuse
Writer: Jack Smight
Starring Kelly Galindo, Suzanna Love and Omar Kaczmarczyk

I finally saw this after purchasing the double DVD set of it and the original Boogeyman and I was hoping this would be on the caliber of the moody original. Sorry to say, that this is not the case. This could actually be the worst horror film I have ever seen. 90% of the film is filled by archival footage from the original film and the rest is wrapped around some horrible plot about a woman having dreams about the things that happened in the original. This might have worked if any of the people working on the film were at the least competent. This is just a shoddily done film on so many levels. The camera work is like what a family member does for a Christmas video, it is just laughable.
The plot basics are this, Annie (Galindo) is having a horrible time sleeping. Every time she nods off, she has horrible dreams about someone with a masked face killing people. She soon comes to realize that her dreams are not just that but predictions of the future. She goes to see a psychologist Dr. Richard Love, (Kaczmarczyk) who tires to help her with her dreams and to find out if they are real.. Soon, Annie comes to realize that she is the only one that can stop the Boogeyman, but will she be too late to stop his reign of terror?
God, I cannot even begin to go into depth on how bad this film is. The plot actually makes it sound like a decent film, but such is not the case. The direction by Nuse makes Uwe Boll look like the next John Carpenter in comparison. It looks like all the added footage made for the film was shot in someone's bedroom. The script is not much better. My description of the plot is really all the detail the script goes into, the 2 main characters are mainly just there so the director can utilize as much of the footage from the original film as he can. The cast is pretty bad too, at least in a Troma film the acting is supposed to be bad, but Galindo and Kaczmarczyk actually think they are doing a great job. It is really painful to watch. There is no SFX to be seen in the film unless you count what is culled from the original, so that is not an issue here. This was just a bad film on so many levels and well worth avoiding, like a semi truck on the highway. You will be better off avoiding it.
This one gets 0 out of 5

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