Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Black Devil Doll

Black Devil Doll 2007
Director: Jonathon Lewis
Writers: Shawn Lewis and Mitch Mayes
Starring Heather Murphy, Natasha Talonz, Christine Svendsen, Erika Branich, Precious Cox and Martin Boone

This is a film I had been highly anticipating seeing, as it looked so wrong and in such bad taste that it had to be a hell of ride. I am happy to say it did not disappoint. Now if you are looking for a film with higher meaning and deep themes you are picking the wrong movie. This is a film that was made for fans of grindhouse exploitation films. This film is politically incorrect, sexist and violent as hell, and as I am cool with all those things I loved this film. I had not laughed my ass off so much in a film in a long time. If you think this is going to be like a black Chucky, you are wrong it is something much worse, a horny and murderous black militant doll and he is really out there on the outrageous meter. I believe he breaks the damn meter. This film is made very much in the vein of blaxpoitation and the sexploitation films from the 70's. Lots of hot and mostly naked girls getting molested by a doll and then brutally killed by same doll. The film is just shy of actually being a porn movie, but they hold back just enough to make it a really raunchy horror film.
The plot basics are this, Heather (Murphy) is a sexy, young and bored girl who one night decides to play with a Ouija board and this brings forth the spirit of a black militant leader who is being executed for raping and killing white females. He comes into her home and invades the form of one of her dolls and makes it his own. He then seduces Heather and then talks her into bringing her 4 hot friends to come over and he gets her to leave whole he concocts a plan to ravish them. He goes forth molesting and having sex with them, and either before or after he kills them in gruesome ways. Heather comes back to find all her friends dead and this enrages her to put a stop to the Black Devil Doll, but will she succeed or will something more horrible happen to her?
This is such a campy and over the top film. Lewis direction really captures the feel of a bad 70's drive inn film and it is played that way throughout the film. He films it just the way someone like Jack Hill would if he had made this type of film, and it feels very genuine and part of the time period. The script is funny as hell. The stereotypes of a black militant are used to excellent effect in the film and I also loved White T, the wannabe black guy who was actually white. All the girls characters were very stereotypical dumb girls that you would expect in a film like this and they are fun to watch on screen, especially since they are usually either naked or having profane things done to their bodies. The cast is good, I loved the voice for the Black Devil Doll, he really infused the character and brought it to life. Murphy as Heather was great, she had a very innocent vibe to her character and she was also sexy as hell. I hope to see her in more films after this one. The SFX and the effects are done very cheesily but they fit the film well and they never felt out of place. The kilss by the doll are all very fun and creative. This is a film that was made for fans of the grindhouse and drive inn era of genre films and well worth seeing if you dig films like They Call Her One eye or Foxy Brown.
This one gets 5 out of 5

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