Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Night Watcher 2008
Director: Will Gordh
Writers: Daniel Vincent Gordh and David Murray
Starring Daniel Vincent Gordh, Kelly Huddleston, Christopher Kadish, Rachel Owens, Robert Petrarca, Phillip Roebuck, Zack Stewart, Jillian Tobey and Allison Tyler

This is the latest in Lionsgate's endless stream of straight to DVD horror films. The premise sounded intriguing, so I thought I would check it out. It is a solid genre film, if it is rather predictable. Any horror fan who has watched as many films as I have will figure out the killer's identity long before it is revealed in the final act. That being said, this is a entertaining and a pretty suspenseful film. Has a decent story, some good acting and a good amount of fore in the kills. It is just a shame they could not have thrown more red herrings in the story to throw you off the true identity of the killer, but there is not much mystery in who it is, as their is not many characters to chose from, so it is a simple case of elimination to figure out who is the likely culprit. But the conceit of the film is a good one, people you think that have killed themselves are actually being killed by someone with a vendetta against them.
The plot basics are this, Angela (Tyler) is crushed by the apparent suicide of her mother and she begins to attend grief counseling to deal with her grief. She befriends another person, Brian (Stewart) who's father has committed suicide as well. Things seem to be progressing well until Angela receives a videotape of her mother's final moments. This causes her paranoia to reach gargantuan levels. She believes that she is being stalked and with so many apparent suicides in her town, she and Brian begin to investigate and discover that none of these were suicides and they may be next. It all leads down a path that Angela never saw coming and she will be lucky if she survives it.
This was a fairly well done film. Gordh's direction services the film well, but it does not hide the fact that the film is rather pedestrian. He films the attack scenes well, but the pacing is off, so there is no mystery on who is behind all the murders. The script is adequate but it holds no surprises to constant viewers of the slasher genre. There also is very little character development for the characters, they are all pretty much stereotypes and adds nothing fresh or real to the proceedings. The cast is decent. Tyler is a decent protagonist, as is Stewart. They do as well as they can with what they have to work with. Kadish is very good as the sympathetic Professor Lopes, he is very empathic and disarming. The effects in the film are probably the best part of the film, the blood flows freely and copiously. The death of the murderer is probably the most effective and makes you go Hell Yeah when he bites it. This was a entertaining and diverting 90 minutes but not groundbreaking in anyway. If you don't expect much from a film, I would say check it out.
This one gets 3 out of 5


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