Sunday, December 6, 2009

Real World Meets Night of the Demons

The Last Resort 2009
Director: Brandon Nutt
Writers: Nathaniel Bozen, Nathan Oliver and Martin Papinchak
Starring America Olivio, Paulie Rojas, Marissa Tait, Sita Young, Arianne Zucker, Nick Ballard, Jeremy Glazer, Jamil Mena, Sandro Del Casale and Ian Patrick Williams

I checked this film out, because of a trailer I saw on a recent rental. It has America Olivio who was in the Friday the 13th redux and the premise looked interesting. It sort of looked like a combination of Turistas and Night of the Demons. I am glad I seeked this film out. It was definitely worth a watch, if just a little too short to have a solid story and ending for enduring these characters for this time. The film is really quite graphic and that always gets high marks in my book. Even a bad horror film can somewhat be saved by adding buckets of gore. Another thing this film reminds me of is The Real World Cancun. It definitely starts out as having that lets party and let it all hang out vibe, but that quickly turns dark when the girls get separated and the majority of them decide to go on a shady tour bus, and after that it just delves into madness and possession and this handled very well in the film.
The plot basics are this, a group of young women are traveling to Mexico to celebrate one of them soon to be nuptials. They party hard on the first night, and one of the girls, Sophia (Olivio) hooks up and is left behind the next day when the remainder of the girls decide to take a tour bus to see the sights of the countryside. They have picked the wrong tour guides though, as they are robbed and left for dead. They wander the desert and find a deserted and dilapidated resort. They decide to spend the night and resume trying to head back to town in the morning. Bizarre things begin happening though, it seems as if the resort is possessed by a hidden evil and it starts to subvert its influence on the girls. Meanwhile, Sophia is in the town, trying to figure out where her friends have disappeared too. Sophia and a few guys she met, get the same tour guides to take them, but luckily they figure out what the tour guides are up too and stop them and find out where her girlfriend's had gone too. She has the remaining tour guide take them to the Resort and as Sophia looks for her friends she discovers that some unspeakable evil has take over their bodies and she must find a way to beat it or she will succumb to it too.
This was a solidly done film. The direction by Nutt is good. He is able to meld several disparate genres and gives the viewer a solid and gripping horror film. The film starts off as a party film and then quickly devolves into a bad vacation film and then finally turns into a evil possession film. He juggles all these various ingredients very well. The flashback scenes of what happened in the resort years ago, are done very well and are quite spooky. The script is good, the characters are all pretty stereotypical. The only one that ever really gets developed is Sophia and that is probably why she is really the only one you care about as you watch the film. I did enjoy the propagator of the possession and would have loved to have seen more of him. The cast is decent, the only shining examples are Olivio and Williams. The rest just seem to be there as potential victims. The SFX and effects are quite good, the opening scene where Williams cuts out the tongue of a girl is quite bloody and fun. Also, toward the end of the film where Sophia discovers what has befallen her friends are quite blood soaked and with lots of body parts flying around. If the film excels at anything it is all the gore in the film. This was a fun and diverting film, but nothing truly memorable. Check it out if you want to kill 75 minutes with some hot chicks and lots of blood.
This one gets 3 out of 5

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Vaaco said...

The horror of this filmis background music.My god i can still hear that horrible horror sounds...

The screenplay is excellent..I like the graphics rendered in the movie.
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